Game Update - 14-12-2019
[Image: CQCH2gL.png]

Hello guys! 
The PK tournament update is finally being released!

16/12 Fixes
  • Added 94 mage level to 'Main' mode, so now it's possible to use vengeance.
  • Server will never repeat the last 4 tournament modes, they are still random, but the last 4 modes will not repeat until all of them has been played.
  • Fixed some commands being able to be used inside the tournament when they shouldn't.
  • Fixed quick prayers enabling banished prayers.
  • Removed F2P mode for now.
  • The spectating system was improved, hopefully it will no longer bug map.
Post-Update fixes
  • Fixed an issue where a player vengeance would not work after death.
  • Fixed an issue where wratch would apply damage to players that are already teleporting.
  • Fixed ACB on PvP tournament.
  • Fixed an issue with 200m xp titles and completionist cape.
Tournament Changes
  • Changed all tournament bolts to regular runite bolts
  • Now players will gain 10 minutes of anti-poison at beggining of every tournament.
  • Tournament's staff of light now has special.
  • The following Tournament mode loadout were updated: 
    • Main NH, Berserker
  • SoulSplit prayer was banned on Dharok | Main modes.
  • Turmoil prayer will behave as piety inside the tournament.

  • Food delay issue is now solved.
  • The equipment switching precision was improved drastically.
  • There's now an option to configure item dragging delays. (Default value is 9)
  • [Image: TOBwkNa.png]
  • Vengeance was changed so it works like RS, it should append the damage to attacker's processing, instead of instantly reduce his life, meaning that players with higher PID would process Vengeance pretty much instantly. Which is what happens on OSRS as we have observed.
  • [Image: HIydeEr.gif]
PvP Tournament

A new PvP tournament system is available, the server will run two official tournaments daily,
the first event of the day will happen at 9 AM UTC, and the second event at 16 PM UTC.


The official rewards will be changed frequently by our staff team, meaning that we will have a much more dynamic diversity of items rewarded!


There is no account requirenments in order to join the tournament, all the levels, inventory, equipment will be given to all players equally.

Community Tournaments

Beside official tournaments, players can donate items to the charity well at Edgeville in order to start a community tournament.

[Image: bdHAGMz.png]
[Image: vMFZ2AO.png]

Once 5B worth in items is collected, a tournament will automatically start in the next 30 minutes.
(This cannot be done within 2 hours before an official tournament is about to begin)

[Image: GkK1qKK.png]

Joining a tournament

You can join or spectate a Tournament from Desk tab, at event section.
[Image: oAtxuLU.png]

The command ::pvptournament has the same effect.

Tournament Interface

[Image: YXH39V8.png]

The interface will always show the time left for a tournament to begin, when an official event is near to begin, it will show the official rewards, otherwise it will display the current Community Reward pot items.

[Image: hdmeGO6.png]


When joining a tournament, players will be teleported to the waiting area, from there players will be able to configure their prayers | spell-book and use the spectate orb to watch on-going duels.

At this point all the equipment, inventory and stats will be handed to the player.

[Image: vf1c7zi.png]

You can customize your setup positions and it will always restore it before each fight!

When spectating a tournament, players will be teleported next to the challengers, and can also use the Viewing Orb to watch the on-going duels!

[Image: GollkA1.png]


You can spectate on-going duels by clicking on the Spectate orb.
[Image: rDwqKUp.png]

You may just click on the duel that you'd like to see and you will be able to spectate their life, prayer, spec and inventory!

[Image: lMRG60j.png]

Ps: The interface will automatically update with on-going duels every 2 seconds, until there's no active duels.

Tournament Modes

Each duel will have a random tournament mode, however it will never repeat the previous mode!


[Image: 9TY12a5.png]
[Image: JKac5Bf.png]

Prayer Restrictions: Melee protection

[Image: TG0CkLg.png]

Prayer restrictions: Melee protection

Pure NH Brid

[Image: x53zecp.png]
[Image: Zux8tuO.png]
Prayer Restrictions: Smite


[Image: Rv9jZOQ.png]
[Image: WUVdbUR.png]

Prayer Restrictions: Melee protection

Main NH

[Image: EnCoGh0.png]
[Image: N5wPzkF.png]

Prayer restrictions: None

Free to Play

[Image: sqlGs4z.png]
[Image: tqyxsTT.png]

Prayer restrictions: Melee & Range protection, Turmoil, Soulsplit, Wrath

Vote Contest

The vote contest system was reworked in a way that staff can easily change the month's top 10 rewards! So expect more unique and cool rewards for top voters of the month!

OSRS Token Removal and OSRS Token Swapping

First of all, I'd like to apolagize for the length of time OSRS token swapping has been closed. The inital plan for OSRS token swapping was to buy rsgp from gold sites. Unfortunatly this did not work out and several of my accounts have been banned seconds after I purchased osrs gold. The staff team have been trying to accumlate 07 gp for the pupose of swapping but with my accounts being banned for buying gold and some of the biggest RSGP buying sites being closed down by jagex in the last few months, it is clear that the demand cannot be met on a regular basis.

With todays update I will be preventing any new osrs tokens from coming into the game. Any tokens currently in game will remain and can from this date forward be swapped by pming Jaiz#6085 on discord. There is no limit on the amount of tokens you can swap. If you are swapping a lot of tokens, Jaiz may request that you do a few trades rather then alerting jagex to high volumes of gp being traded at once. Token swap will remain open until Jaiz runs out of OSRS gp.


  • Rotational christmas items on premium store prices were reduced.
  • [Image: aXTH4cT.png]
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naughty update
Thanks for a great update!
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