Game Update - 12-22-19
[Image: CQCH2gL.png]

Tournament updates

  • Armadyl crossbow has now special bar.
  • Fixed bolts issues, and now instead of runite bolts players get diamond bolts
  • Improved discord tourney start message, it now shows game mode and rewards.
  • Players are now allowed to donate 2b+ coins to the tournament.
  • The tournament modes should no longer repeat a specific order.
  • Some improvements were made to avoid double death at Tourney, however we are  not 100% sure its fixed.

  • Dharok set effect was buffed to match OSRS, now players can hit up to 102 with best gear, 97 with average gear at 1 life point.
[Image: GotMAl8.png]
  • Dragonfire shield special should now add delay to mage combat, to avoid extreme stacking.
  • CastleWars set repair cost was increased to 250m, that way it provides more risk and reward for such an OP gear.
  • Fixed redemption prayer restoring life of dead players.
  • Broken tasks were removed.

Christmas Event

PeixeDev's update notes:

The Christmas event starts when you login, Santa is asking you for help, and wants to meet you at the side of the Christmas Tree at Edgeville.

[Image: NPMlwZO.png]
[Image: YcdiE5J.png]

Santa was in his bunker and noticed a ring in there, the ring belongs to Anti-santa, his bad brother.
The anti-santa is planning something to ruin the christmas this year, and Santa needs your help to visit his
brother cavern and gather information about his plans.

The minions of Anti-santa in the cavern should spread some information with some incentive.
You may hunt them with Magic Boxes or attack them for information.
(You can use magic box there with 51 hunter level)

[Image: 34FCWSn.png]

Once a good amount of information is collected, Santa will help you to do something about this!
Spoiler: Explosives!

[Image: n6kdGqm.png]

Your final task is to face Anti-santa and deal with the issue!
[Image: dhc5ABI.png]

Once you ruin Anti-santa's plans you will receive a reward 
[Image: Oo5aDj1.png]

Santa will also reward you to keep collecting information from the minions, you can spend those points on his reward store.

[Image: Fk64ZP2.png]

We wish you all a Merry Christmas!
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Good stuff, ncie to see dh finally working <3
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Awesome updates!

Nice update boys!
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Nice update

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