Game Update - 17/01/2020
[Image: CQCH2gL.png]

Hello guys!
Glad to announce that we're here with some new updates.

Updated Dungeons

Karamja Dungeon

All missing monsters (skeletons and lesser demons) inside the Karamja Dungeon were added.

[Image: JoHALwx.png]
[Image: fNL2yuF.png]

You can now enter the full dungeon via slash bash teleport through the wall or via teleporting to Karamja (or imps via Hunter) and climbing down the rocks on the volcano.

[Image: Cb0EGIq.gif]
[Image: k0MrD96.gif]

Smoke Devil Dungeon

Regular Smoke Devils have been removed from the boss room and a lot have been placed in the big room next to it.

[Image: E8ACIRT.png]
[Image: LX5yXkI.png]

The crevices to go from the big room to the boss room now work. 

[Image: egSdAUl.gif]

The Smoke Devils teleport has been updated to the center of the big room.

The Thermonuclear boss remains alone in the boss room there, which can be accessed through the crevice.

New Dungeons

Ape Atoll Dungeon

You can access the new Ape Atoll Dungeon by running from Ape Atoll City teleport to the dungeon entrance at the Island, the door that blocked the way to it has been removed.

[Image: SzNjeQg.png]

Monsters inside the Dungeon:
  • Monkey Zombies
  • (Ape) Skeletons
[Image: 8TEKWBY.png]

Since the dungeon is Multi-area it's the perfect place to train range with chinchompas or mage with ancient bursts/barrages.

Barrelchest Dungeon

3 Barrelchests have been added to a small new dungeon.

Watch out, they deal a lot of damage! if one attacks you with melee, the others won't attack you, but if you run away to farcast them with mage or range, they will deal some high range damage.

They will drain your defence & prayer stats, so make sure to bring enough restore pots & use quick prayers! 

They will be dropping Barrelchest anchor & with that bring back the ability to get Anchor again in-game.

[Image: uYBzlnr.png]

A new teleport has been created under "Monsters" tele at world map, as this is not a boss.

[Image: hzfDoUL.png]


[Image: QAFO8MR.png]

Lava maze 

Can easily be accessed by teleporting to the King Back Dragon boss (Wilderness)

Monsters added to the Maze
  • Hill Giants
  • Black Knights
  • Lesser Demons
  • King Scorpions
The stair to enter the Lava maze dungeon has been fixed.

[Image: DFMVDFR.png]

Lava maze Dungeon

Monsters added to the Dungeon:
  • Greater demons
  • Poison Spiders 
  • Black Dragons

[Image: qS2JLvk.png]

Deep wilderness Dungeon

You can enter the dungeon via the stairs inside the house west of Mage Bank now.

[Image: bU8nWcT.png]

Monsters added to the dungeon:
  • Hill Giants
  • Chaos Dwarfs
  • Shadow Spiders
  • Fire Giants
[Image: ecdBd5I.png]

Cave Horror Cave

You can enter the Cave Horror Cave by teleporting via the world map -> monsters -> Cave Horror Cave

[Image: hnLuBg4.png]

You can set up a dwarf cannon in this dungeon, as it is a Multi-area dungeon.

Using the stairs at the Cave will teleport you back home.

Monsters added to the dungeon:
  • Cave horrors
  • Basilisk Knights
Dungeon map

[Image: 4lNzpse.png]

Hydra Dungeon

You can enter the Hydra dungeon via the Alchemical Hydra Boss teleport.

You can climb (or fly?) over all the rocks and use the stairs inside the dungeon to move to previous not accessible spots. Jumping over these rocks will require 70 Agility.

[Image: S46WouQ.gif]

You can jump over lava to another Hydra and Wyrm location.

[Image: HADyAbr.gif]

All monsters inside the dungeon work and can now be assigned as slayer tasks.

Unique dungeon monsters
  • Hydra
  • Wyrm
  • Drake
  • Sulphur Lizard.

[Image: SZJN992.png]

Catacombs of Kourend

You can enter the Catacombs of Kourend via "Combat training" teleports after clicking the worldmap.

[Image: ZrMqTQi.png]

Every tresspass (stepping stones, crevices) inside the Catacombs work.

[Image: DgzYUuN.gif]
[Image: feoXjsx.gif]

The stepping stones are located in the North-West side of the dungeon and connect the Steel dragons with the Brutal Red Dragons.

There are 2 Crevices located in the dungeon. One is located in the Southern region of the Dungeon connecting the Ankous with the Cyclopses while the other one is located at the North-Eastern part of the map connecting the Warped Jellies and Greater Nechryaels.

You can mine the rocks inside the caves with any pickaxe, they respawn after a couple of seconds.

[Image: cXBAtbQ.gif]

The rocks are located between the Skeletons and Possessed Pickaxes a bit to the South-West of the Altar.

All the "Vine" ropes at the 4 corners of the dungeon will teleport you to home.

All the monsters in the dungeon work and can now be assigned as slayer tasks.

Unique dungeon monsters
  • Brutal Black dragon
  • Brutal Blue Dragon
  • Brutal Red Dragon
  • Magic axe
  • Possessed Pickaxe
  • Ankou
  • Greater Nechryael
  • Mutated Bloodveld
  • Twisted Banshee
  • Deviant Spectre
  • King Sand Crab
  • Warped Jelly
[Image: sOKlK6Q.png]

Setting up a Cannon in the dungeon is NOT possible, even though it's multi-area.

EVERY monsters inside the dungeon has a chance to drop an Ancient Shard or Dark Totem (3 in total) pieces.

[Image: wiXopti.png]

Ancient Shards can be used on the Altar in the center to tele to 1 of the 4 regions inside the Dungeon.
  • Demon's Run will teleport you to the Lesser Demons in the North-Eastern part of the catacombs.
  • Dragon's Den will teleport you to the Brutal Blue Dragons in the North-Western part of the catacombs.
  • Reeking Cove will teleport you to the Deviant Spectres in the South-Western part of the catacombs
  • The Shallows will teleport you to the Warped Jellies in the South-Eestern part of the catacombs.
NOTE: Deviant Spectres will deal a lot of damage if you are not wearing a Slayer Helmet or Nose Peg.

The 3 different Dark Totem pieces can be combined to make a Dark Totem, which is used to access the new Demi-boss Skotizo

[Image: 0Xz4HC1.gif]

NOTE: You will not get any duplicate totem parts as long as you don't have all 3 parts/a completed dark totem yet. 

EXAMPLE: If you get the Dark Totem base as first drop, you won't get another Totem Base until you also have gotten a middle and top part to combine the Totem.
If you have both the Base and Middle parts, your next Totem piece will 100% be a Dark Totem Top piece.

If you combined a dark totem or have received all 3 parts, you will start getting the 3 pieces again, same system as above.

A special effect of the Catacombs is that players who bury bones of any type within it will have a small amount of their prayer points restored. This also applies if the bones are crushed via the Bonecrusher.
  • Bones restore 1 prayer point.
  • Big bones restore 2 prayer points.
  • Dragon bones restore 4 prayer points.
[Image: FwN7wSk.gif]
[Image: iBoHKxt.gif]


Beneath the Catacombs lurks Skotizo, a demi-boss whose lair requires the use of a dark totem to enter.

Once you have all the 3 pieces of the Dark Totem and combine it, you can access the Skotizo by either using the totem on the altar or just click "Teleport" on the altar while having the Dark Totem in your inventory.

[Image: 9wVreNK.gif]

Warning: If the player dies in Skotizo's area, your items will be spawned at the Catacombs altar!

In case you want to leave, you can either teleport out or use a teletab.

Skotizo drops the Totem/Totem pieces too, the system that was coded for the totem piece drops like in the catacombs works exactly similar for skotizo drops.

Fighting Skotizo

The best way to fight Skotizo is by using high Magic Defense armor while having protecting from melee active so the only source of damage will be from Skotizo's Magic attacks.
If you can afford a Twisted bow, this would be the most effective weapon for Skotizo, and it can be used at range while praying Protect from Magic to take no damage. 

A dragon warhammer is also helpful for the fight for it's special effect.

While fighting Skotizo he can at any time randomly activate the Awakened Altars found in the north, south, east and west central areas of the room. 
These Altars increase its Defence while activated, and have 100 Hitpoints each. 
It is best to take them out whenever two or more are present as they will drastically increase its Defence. 

When travelling to disable the Awakened Altars, you should temporarily switch to Protect from Magic while Skotizo closes in to use melee attacks. 

Restore potions are advised since you will have to run around to disable the Altars. 
Toxic blowpipe is a great weapon against the altars.

After half of Skotizo's health is depleted, it will summon three reanimated demon spawns to aid it.  
If you are using Protect from Melee, they won't deal damage. 
If the minions are slain, Skotizo may summon them again. 
Fighting the minions provides no benefit, so you should instead focus on Skotizo and the Altars.

Skotos (pet)

Skotizo has a 1/65 chance of rewarding it's pet, Skotos.

If you don't have the pet rewarded after 65 Skotizo kills, you will automatically unlock the pet in the pets interface.

[Image: ND5eEQY.gif]

The conversation with Skotos is different if it's not yours.


[Image: aWBo7lF.png]

Skotizo can also be killed for Slayer exp while being on a Black Demon Slayer task.

Slayer updates

Unique monsters Catacombs of Kourend

Brutal Black dragon (same droptable as regular Black Dragons)
  • Required slayer lvl: 77
  • Slayer master: Kuradal
  • Slayer exp gain: 3150
Brutal Blue Dragon, can be slayed as substitute on a regular Blue Dragon task.

Brutal Red Dragon, can be slayed as substitute on a regular Red Dragon task.

Magic axe
  • Required slayer lvl: 1
  • Slayer master: Kuradal
  • Slayer exp gain: 440
[Image: EDzDdkC.png]

Possessed Pickaxe
  • Required slayer lvl: 1
  • Slayer master: Kuradal
  • Slayer exp gain: 440
[Image: FgnkswA.png]

  • Required slayer lvl: 1
  • Slayer master: Kuradal
  • Slayer exp gain: 600
As contrary to the Wilderness task variant of this monster, these Ankous will NOT drop the Ankou set pieces.

[Image: 4eF987u.png]

Greater Nechryael, can be slayed as substitute on regular Nechryael task.

Mutated Bloodveld, can be slayed as substitute on regular Bloodveld task.

Twisted Banshee, can be slayed as substitute on regular Banshee task.

Deviant Spectre, can be slayed as substitute to aberrant Spectre task.

King Sand Crab
  • Required slayer lvl: 1
  • Slayer master: Kuradal
  • Slayer exp gain: 1200
[Image: iRYnUh7.png]

Warped Jelly, can be slayed as substitute on regular Jelly task.

NOTE: ALL other monsters inside the dungeon can be slayed as substitute to their regular slayer tasks.

Unique monsters Hydra Dungeon

  • Required slayer lvl: 84
  • Slayer masters: Duradel, Kuradal
  • Slayer exp gain: 2380
[Image: pAu26GS.png]

  • Required slayer lvl: 62
  • Slayer masters: Chaeldar, Duradel, Kuradal
  • Slayer exp gain: 1330
[Image: SCZD1pP.png]

Sulphur Lizard
  • Required slayer lvl: 44
  • Slayer masters: Turael, Mazchna, Vannaka, Chaeldar
  • Slayer exp gain: 500
[Image: 0vso1o7.png]

Hydra - Alchemical hydra will be slayable for Slayer Exp while on this task.
  • Required slayer lvl: 95
  • Slayer master: Kuradal
  • Slayer exp gain: 3220
[Image: XmRGq7O.png]

Unique monsters Ape Atoll Dungeon

Monkey Zombie
  • Required Slayer lvl: 1
  • Slayer master: Turael
  • Slayer exp gain: 600
Ape Skeleton
  • Required Slayer lvl: 1
  • Slayer masters: Turael, Machzna
  • Slayer exp gain: 1120
Unique monsters Cave Horror Cave

Cave Horror
  • Required Slayer lvl: 58
  • Slayer master: Chaeldar, Duradel
  • Slayer exp gain: 550
Cave Horrors will require a witchwood Icon (necklace bought from slayer masters) to be worn or use melee prayer in order to take no damage.

[Image: VZ9Wmrx.png]

Basilisk Knight 
  • Required Slayer lvl: 60
  • Slayer exp gain: 3000
They will be able to be slayed on the same task as regular Basilisks, same as basilisks, they will require a mirror shield in order to not drain your stats.

[Image: bvj60MZ.png]

With all of these new slayer monsters added, we now have every monster required in order to add Superior Slayer in the near Future.

Other Slayer updates

Rock slugs will now require a Bag of salt in order to kill them, can be acquired at a slayer masters shop.

Extreme Donators will have no requirement and can kill them without the Bag of salt.

Gargoyles will now require a Rock Hammer in order to kill them, can be acquired at the slayer masters shop.

Extreme Donators will have no requirement and can kill them without the Rock Hammer.

New Wilderness Slayer tasks

Fire Giant
  • Required Slayer lvl: 1
  • Slayer masters: Krystilla
  • Slayer exp gain: 1110
Black Dragon
  • Required Slayer lvl: 1
  • Slayer masters: Krystilla
  • Slayer exp gain: 1900
New items

Dark Claw

Dropped by:
  • Skotizo
The Dark Claw can be combined with a Slayer Helmet to create a Purple Slayer Helmet.

[Image: 1Ylq2Nv.gif]

Purple Slayer helmet

Can be created by using a Dark Claw on a regular Slayer Helmet. It has the same cosmetic purpose as the other colored Slayer Helmets but fully functions as one.

Bug Fixes
  • Wildy Wyrm clan wars spawn has been relocated to multi area near CW (using a WildWyrm ticket will bring you next to him).
  • [Image: ThzwZKU.png]
  • Underwall tunnels fixed at old Grand Exchange.
  • Robe of Elidinis fixed to go into the right equipment slot.
  • A message still containing “Akrisae” has been replaced by “the voting store”.
  • All mines at the Dwarven Mining Guild have been fixed & will now work.
  • Amethyst arrows will now have a projectile when used for ranging.
  • Changed the PVP tournament waiting/preparing & finishing timer to 60 seconds inbetween rounds and at the end of the tournament.
  • Removed the H’ween events from event tab on vote store.
  • Removed the grim reaper at edge, Monk and the Christmas event at Edge.
  • Doubled the amount of bronze dragons in Brimhaven dungeon.
  • Mutant tarn will now drop 28 Rockails noted instead of unnoted.
  • Grenwall spikes have been removed from the Herblore shop and will now only be obtained by catching Grenwalls via Hunter.
  • More Desert Lizards have been added at their current location.
All of the following items can now be noted:
  • Super combat flask (3)
  • Torva pieces
  • Pernix pieces
  • Virtus pieces
  • Twisted Bow
  • Twisted Buckler
  • Armadyl Crossbow
  • Zamorakian Hasta
  • Elder Maul
  • Armadyl Battlestaf
  • Polypore Staff
  • Ganodermic pieces
  • Zaryte Bow
  • Dragon Warhammer
  • Ancestral pieces
All of the following Christmas event pieces can now be traded:

[Image: 21yXTiF.png]

If there happen to be any bugs or if anything is not working properly, please pm me them as soon as possible.
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