Game update - 28/01/2020
[Image: CQCH2gL.png]

Hello guys!
I'm glad to announce that we're here with quite some (long-term) reported bug fixes & some small updates that have been suggested!

Bug fixes
  • The Zulrah instance bug should be fixed with the server restarting now.
  • The new Slayer assignments that were not working after a latest hotfix by PB should now work fine again after restarting now.
  • Leaving/dying at Wintertodt will now remove all the items you take from the crates there.
  • [Image: s5sO8cw.gif]
  • Once the Wintertodt is killed, all the other supplies (logs, kindlings, juvenile pots, ..) will vanish too.
  • Skeletal visages and dragonfire wands will now stack properly noted.
  • [Image: rUHcKnr.png]
  • Skeletal Wyverns will no longer drop double Wyvern bones per kill.
  • A wrong message appearing when Superheating ores has been removed.
  • Rock hammer on Gargoyle will now work properly, it used to give 2/multiple kills per usage.
  • You can now skip to wave 61 at fight caves as an Extreme Donator as you should be able to.
  • [Image: PkVDgqG.gif]
  • The fight caves interface will now show you the right amount per wave you need to pay to skip waves & how many waves you may skip, based on your donator rank.
    ·        Non donator: 2-54 (280/wave)
    ·        Donator: 2-57 (250/wave)
    ·        Super Donator: 2-60 (225/wave)
    ·        Extreme Donator: 2-61 (200/wave)

  • The “Highest Kill streaks” section in the Daily Scores Contest on the Scoreboards will now Display the kill streaks properly.
  • A bug that caused “Get X kill streaks” & “Get X kill streaks” titles to not unlock when actually reaching it is now working fine, all those titles can be unlocked.
  • [Image: GowazvG.png]
  • The wrong Gem/Silver stall at Donator Zone have been removed.
  • Blast Fusion hammer is now Required (again) in order to create a dragon platebody from the ruined dragon lump pieces.
  • [Image: LMdcYIq.gif]
  • [Image: RPdTh3u.gif]
  • The Teleblock timer will now show up when you get teleblocked by The Untouchable.
  • [Image: LXImzVq.gif]
  • You can no longer use ::gotask for the Wilderness Ankou task.
  • The Salmon overhead display at Mackerel fishing spots at Donator Zone, Karamja & Catherby have been replaced by a Mackerel display.
  • [Image: crxzkTV.png]
  • The following Summoning pouches will now spawn their right summoner:
    ·        Ibis Pouch
    ·        Dreadfowl pouch
    ·        Beaver pouch

  • The Forge regent summoner animation bug has been fixed.
  • Each dragon will now drop their right set of dragonhides.
New requirements
  • You now can use the gap at the Abyssal Abyss with 50 agility as it should be (was somehow requiring lvl 80).
  • Twisted bow will now require a Ranged level of 75 as it should.
  • Elite void will now require the same stats as regular void as it should.
  • Occult Necklace will now require a Magic level of 70 as it should.
  • Polypore Staff will now require a Magic level of 75 as it should.
  • [Image: eUlMKd1.png]
Collection log changes
  • Water staff has been added to the Sea Troll Queen collection log.
  • [Image: w9tZHyh.png]
  • The dragon sq shield OR/SP kits have been added to the Barrows collection log.
  • [Image: 5RloWIp.png]
  • The dragon full helm OR/SP kits have been added to the Castle wars collection log.
  • [Image: YlQ04dP.png]
  • Avatar of magic/strength/range now have their own collection log instead of 1 together.
  • [Image: Q4fBp2d.gif]
  • Looting bag has been added to the Venenatis collection log
  • [Image: pSye6iY.png]
Other changes
  • Slayer Vip tickets will now stack like mysterious boxes.
  • [Image: JygWCry.gif]
  • Skotizo will now drop noted uncut onyxes instead of unnoted.
  • You can now ::replace your Uncharged Trident of the seas with a working Trident of the seas.
  • Mining the shooting star will now give exp based on the star size, starting at about 2250 exp at size 9 and then going down with the star-size.
  • [Image: XzxqXZq.gif]
  • Kraken now will be 4x easier to kill than how it was before and won't be as OP compared to what it is on RS.
  • With this the droprate for Trident of the seas and a Kraken tentacle have been made a little more rare.
  • [Image: vd2TnnG.png]
  • An issue allowing Super Donators to have 12 presets (Extreme donator only) instead of 8 as they should has been fixed, they can now only use 8 presets.
  • Bolt enchantment spells will now give a way better experience gain compared to before.
  • A box of summoning is now obtainable via skilling points shop for 200 points per box.
  • [Image: zobm1vh.png]
  • Leaving the fight caves will now give you the same effect as using a “Nurse” (restore stats, special, health,  ..)
  • [Image: ELXMYQt.gif]
  • Guthix cloak has been added to the medium scrolls droptable.
  • Greater demons have been added to the Revenant caves like they should be, replacing the double Lesser demons spot.
  • [Image: UgI69bR.png]
  • The time left until you can use your totem boosts again will now display in your quest tab -> information tab -> “Totem times”.
  • [Image: QIfVMkj.png]

  • Entering Skotizo via the Catacombs of Kourend will now stop Skotizo from attacking you for 30 seconds in order to prevent you from dying in case the screen is still loading. Watch out, Skotizo will still be aggressive after the 30 seconds or until you attack him.
  • Auras will now drop more frequently for Ironman and HCIM, based on your status.
Now noteable

  • Tormented Bracelet
  • Amulet Of Torture
  • Necklace Of Anguish
  • Third Age Wand
  • Third Age Bow
  • Third Age Sword
  • Third Age Cape
  • Third Age Axe
  • Third Age Pickaxe
  • Pickaxe

With this ALMOST all the reported bugs that were reported & we could keep track of (& that could be fixed without PB's help) from previous reports 'should' be fixed.

If there is still a bug you know of that is happening that was not fixed in this update or if anything new comes up, please private message me or a staff member at Discord and we'll fix it as soon as possible.

More suggestions we've gotten through recently or in the past will be worked on the upcoming days.
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nice one!
I love the bug fixes/QoL related updates. Nice job all involved.

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Thanks again lads keep up the good work! Loving the consistency
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Good job to all involved. Loving the consistency.
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Great job guys
Good job
great work niels!!

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