Game update - 07/02/2020
[Image: CQCH2gL.png]

Hello guys!
I'm glad to announce that we're here with quite some updates that have been suggested recently/in the past.

New Slayer Master
Konar quo Maten

A new Slayer Master has been added to the Slayer Masters location at Donator zone.
The Slayer Master is Donator only.

[Image: zdgy7CU.png]

Getting a task from her will 100% assign a monster you can find back in the Hydra dungeon or Catacombs of Kourend.

NOTE: Using "::gotask" when you're on an assignment from Konar will always tele you to the ones in Catacombs of Kourend. 
A Wyrms, Drakes, Sulphur Lizards or Hydras ::gotask will still teleport you straight to them in Hydra dungeon.

Possible tasks
  • Aberrant spectres
  • Abyssal demons
  • Ankous
  • Black demons
  • Brutal black dragons
  • Bloodvelds
  • Blue dragons
  • Bronze dragons
  • Dagannoths
  • Dust Devils
  • Fire giants
  • Greater Demons
  • Hellhounds
  • Iron Dragons
  • Jellies
  • Nechryael
  • Red dragons
  • Steel dragons
  • Ghosts
  • Shades
  • Possessed Pickaxes
  • Magic Axes
  • Hill giants
  • King Sand Crabs
  • Cyclops
  • Banshees
  • Moss giants
  • Lesser demons
  • Wyrms
  • Hydras
  • Drakes
  • Sulphur Lizards
With this, the following tasks have been removed from Kuradal:
  • Ankous
  • Brutal black dragons
  • Drakes
  • Hydras
  • Wyrms
  • Possessed Pickaxes
  • Magic Axes
  • King Sand Crabs
Skilling sets changes
  • Wearing the full golden mining set (apart from gloves, so you can still wear brawlers too) will now give a 10% mining boost.
[Image: 3WN5ivP.png]
  • Wearing the full lumberjack set will now give a 10% woodcutting boost.
[Image: FC1xHPL.png]
  • Wearing the full witchdoctor set will give a 10% herblore boost.
[Image: GONHIJ9.png]
  • Wearing the full rogue set (apart from gloves, so you can still wear brawlers too) will now give a 10% thieving boost.
[Image: MK5mDnx.png]


Using agility training tickets on Pirate Jackie the fruit will now let you exchange them for 2.5k agility experience per ticket.

[Image: NXuuP4k.gif]

Skilling shop changes

[Image: BO5Lhs2.png]

  • 3000 points per golden mining piece now
  • 3000 points per lumberjack piece now
  • 3000 points per witchdoctor piece now
  • 3000 points per rogue piece now
  • Brawlers chest – 900 points
  • Magic notepaper – 5 points
  • Skip ticket – 100 points
  • Aura chest (opening it will reward 3 auras at random) – 200 points
[Image: JmhEeXl.gif]
  • Tool kit - 200 points
[Image: vF9W4dZ.gif]

New skilling tasks
  • Cutting uncuts into cut gems (crafting)
  • Cutting cut gems into bolt tips (crafting)
  • Picking up herbs (farming) – Using magic secateurs & auto-cleaning the herbs will work too!
  • Cleaning herbs (herblore)
  • Crafting runes at Guthix altar or regular altar (runecrafting)
  • Cooking raw food (cooking)
  • Catching implings at Puro Puro (hunter)
  • Stealing specific items from stalls (Thieving)
  • Pickpocketting npc’s (Thieving)
[Image: YMWYnAZ.gif]

ALL skilling tasks (besides fletching shafts & cutting bolt tips) will now be capped at max 300 instead of 500 as it used to be.

Completing a skilling task will now give the correct message.

New skilling task rewards
  • Summoning box
  • Aura chest
  • 50k bonus xp lamp
  • 100k bonus xp lamp
  • 250k bonus xp lamp
  • Tool kit
Collection log

Tool Kit

[Image: 8UR7Bg2.png]

Aura Chests

[Image: NXVnoSg.png]

OSRS Revenants Cave

We will now have the OSRS Revenants Cave instead of the Pre-eoc one.

[Image: KCGuSx0.png]

Dungeon map

[Image: OaUDL71.png]

The difference from OSRS/the map above is that ALL the agility jumps require an Agility level of 70 to go through.

The entrances will now be located here

[Image: s4VdC26.png]

Drop anouncements

These items will now announce as a drop
  • Primordial Crystal
  • Eternal Crystal
  • Pegasian Crystal
  • Armadyl Hilt
  • Arcane Sigil
  • Divine Sigil
  • Elysian Sigil
  • Spectral Sigil
PVM changes
  • Vorkath head will now 100% drop (once) if your killcount is 100+ without a drop. Afterwards you can still get the head by luck at a 1/100 droprate.
  • The fire talismans dropped by Smoke Devils/Thermonuclear Smoke Devil are now noted instead of unnoted.
[Image: GHeYTI7.png]
  • All wilderness bosses will now have a Wild level disclaimer when you hover over their tele, just like King Black Dragon has.
[Image: d5kO0dR.gif]
  • Venenatis will now counts as a boss kill towards the hourly boss kill scores and towards the adventure path.
  • Thermonuclear smoke devil now has a respawn timer.
  • Killing the Thermonuclear smoke devil will now announce on the game chat like it does for other bosses.
[Image: LZmXxtx.png]
  • Vorkath is now respawnable similar to Zulrah respawn, it'll cost the same amount of cash as starting a new instance.
[Image: rakSY15.png]
  • Lizardman shamans now have a ::gotask option.
[Image: cNkz10v.gif]
  • A rune pouch will now straight up go to the grim reaper if you die with it in a non-wild area.
Now stackable
  • Wildwyrm tickets
  • All artifacts
  • Aura chest
  • Brawlers chest
  • Barrage chest
[Image: 4i7Lgss.png]

  • The "Some of your sales have been sold" message has been replaced and will now show your 'amount you have sold' / 'Your total sale' + the item name.
  • This message will also be red.
[Image: sihqJpP.png]
  • Amulet of Anguish (or) kit & Tormented Bracelet (or) kit have been added to the blood money store for 200k each.
[Image: lHYZQxe.png]
  • Necklace of Anguish (or) will give +2 range damage compared to the regular Necklace.
[Image: er8uF8F.png]
  • Tormented Bracelet will give +2% magic damage compared to the regular Tormented Bracelet.
[Image: vTe1FW5.png]
  • Ardougne cloak 4 can now be used to teleport to the Ardougne Monastery.
[Image: jVmy3NG.gif]
  • The level 60 defence requirement for Green D’Hide Chaps (t) is now changed to 40 and a ranged requirement of lvl 40 was added, like on OSRS.
  • Infernal tools will now consume the ore/log/fish like they do on OSRS.
  • Graceful set will now give the exp boost without the gloves necessary so you can use brawlers too.
  • All bonus XP lamps will now have the right amount of exp they give in their name.
  • Crystal halberd full can now be worn.
[Image: MsgX0zZ.png]
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