1,000 Dharok Set Raffle
As graciously donated by Kamikaze, there will be a raffle drawing for 1k Dharok Sets.  

To enter this raffle, you must vote for the server everyday for two weeks straight.  If you miss a day (24 hours), you will not be eligible.  

You will need to vote at least ONCE a day.  You will then be required to post a screenshot on this thread daily.  You will need to post a screenshot within 24 hours of your last post to remain eligibility in the raffle.

This thread will open up on April 29, 2020 at 4pm UTC.  A countdown timer can be found here, https://wiki.etherumps.com/Tournament . I will post how to submit your daily screenshots when this thread opens up.  

[Image: OzMYwEm.png]


Show ContentHow To Submit Daily:

This will end on May 13, 2020 at 4pm UTC.  
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This thread is open!
gll men https://gyazo.com/901a28ff13d1dd217384e9fe12928689
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#1 : https://gyazo.com/cbb15ccb5408063d3f632fa0938e59ea
#2 : https://gyazo.com/1298de5f7e1eedbc16f5546e0059bdbb
(04-29-2020, 08:55 PM)Rippa Wrote: gll men https://gyazo.com/901a28ff13d1dd217384e9fe12928689

ok i fked up and voted before streak but heres me next one https://gyazo.com/cbff74ffd1ba46974cb1d4988ded008d
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#1 [Image: MAUTLB1.png]
[Image: pAeyd1f.png]

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#3 - https://gyazo.com/2551d6a1d7bcac71758cb19606e5d6fe

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