How to become an Official Middleman
Hello, my name is Thomas and I have been both an Official Middleman and OMM Recruiter in the past and am an Official Middleman at the moment. I see a lot of newer members gaining interest in becoming an OMM and not exactly knowing where to start or what to do. So today I have decided to make a guide on how to become one.

What is an OMM?
An OMM, or Official Middleman, is a trusted person who assists players during a transfer trade. Most commonly RS3 / 07 gp trades. They also can help transfer items from one account to another if you can not open more then 1 client at the time. Note that RSGP without the use of an OMM or staffmember is illegal and severe punishments will follow if it occurs. Players who believe they met all the requirements can apply for the OMM rank by posting an application at the Official Middleman Thread. To see a list of current OMM online players can do ::checkmms or visit the home page. The list looks like this:
[Image: Middleman.png]

There are some basic requirements you need to meet in order to be able to get the OMM rank.
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How does a RSgp trade work
RSGP trades mostly occur in Yanille, but can happen anywhere near a bank where players can trade each other. Always make sure an OMM or Staffmember is over-watching you when doing a RSGP trade and don't forget to take screenshots of the trade you MM'ed! The RSGP trade should always happen in a certain order to prevent malicious activities from happening.
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Example chat log with all info needed
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How to make a great OMM application
Once you have gathered enough screenshots and have been over-watched for around 10-15 RSGP trades it is time for your application. Make sure to copy the format of the OMM application and start a new thread at the Official Middleman Applications section.
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At the In-game name state you most used account that can trade. Fill in your age and be honest about it. Next write the Timezone you are in. Note that a favorable timezone may lead to a higher chance of your application being accepted. The next three paragraphs are the most important part of the application.

How often do you play?
Be honest about the time you play per day and make an estimation of how long you have played. You should also write what your plans are activity-wise and if you plan on staying as active as you are now when given the rank.

Why do you deserve to be in this group?
This is the part of the application where you can sell yourself. List traits that will increase the likeliness of your application being accepted and shortly tell why you think you should be accepted into the group.

Show screenshots of trades
If you followed along my guide you will have screenshots taken of you MM'ing already. Make sure to add these links in your application. I'd suggest to copy the image path and add it as images in your application too.

OMM Application Review
The application gets reviewed by the OMM team, the OMM recruiters and the OMM leaders. Everyone has an opportunity to vote on the application. There is 3 possible outcomes for the application 

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The OMM leaders have the last word on the application and can deny or accept it if they feel the need for it. Even if the majority of OMM's and recruiters vote differently.

Word of Thank
I'd like to thank Azalea for providing me with the images I needed. Also I have used the Official Middleman Wiki page as a guideline for this guide. 

This guide is a work in progress guide and information suggested might be added later on. Also all feedback is welcome!
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