Wiki Editor application by Thomas
In-game name:
The account I play mostly on is Thomas, some people may know me as Vechtking.

Do you have any previous experience editing with html/BBcode?:
I am very experienced in HTML editing and I have done some BBcode editing.

Have you made any guides? If so Link them here:
I have a guide on how to become an omm which Jaiz pinned and re-posted in the OMM knowledge base section. Also on Grinderscape I have helped Jplayer and Niels on the slayer guide wiki page. And I helped Jplayer on a FAQ-page.

Why should we let you on the wiki team?:
I have a lot of coding experience and have played this game a fair amount. I feel like I know a lot about it and I would be honored to help out the community by sharing my knowledge on wiki pages.

What do you think editing a wiki is all about?:
I think being a wiki editor is all about sharing knowledge you have with the community. By having up-to-date pages on the wiki newer players can learn how the server works and get informed about all the features of Etherum. The Etherum wiki is where all tho knowledge should be bundled.

Do you have anything else you would like to add to your application?:
I recently have reported a lot of bugs to help out the community that way. Also I suggested a fair bit of new in-game content on Discord. Furthermore I have become an OMM and helped a lot of players with transferring their items for RSGP. Lastly I have helped a lot of players with questions they pmed me.

In order to be accepted you need to:

- Be 'known' in the game.
I feel like I am well-known in the game and I get along very nicely with almost all of the members of Etherum.

- Have played for a reasonable amount of time.
I created my account as soon as Etherum was live. I have had a couple of breaks, but I am playing active for a while again. I have gathered a lot of knowledge since I started playing.

- Have made a few guides / proven that they can make guides.
I have made a couple of guides in the past and recently uploaded a guide on how to become an OMM. I know it's not nearly perfect but I plan on improving my guides. 

- Good knowledge of the English language.
I am actually not sure if my English is at the level required to be a wiki editor, since English is not my native language. However I still applied since I got asked by Ash to do so. He said he the team is in need of an active wiki editor and I'd love to be part of it.

- Have knowledge about the game.
I do pack a lot of knowledge about Etherum. I have helped a lot of people in the past and plan on continuing to do so.

-Always be respectful towards others.
I have had some hiccups in the pas but I have never been disrespectful towards anyone.  

-Familiar with Html/Javascript/css.
I am a graduated software developer on university level. I have experience with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript and can write rather complicated functions withing Javascript.

Do you have a Discord account? (If not are you willing to make one):
I do have a Discord account and am a member of the official Etherumps Discord. Danny has my Discord information to contact me when needed.

I'd love to be part of the wiki team and will continue to make guides, no matter the outcome of this application. Thank you taking the time to read it.
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Welcome to the team!

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