Game Update - 16/06/2020
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Hey Guys Big Grin! Sorry for being late, today we're releasing quite a big update focused mainly in players suggestions, in this update we're releasing Mage Arena II that will come with Imbued Capes and Imbued Max Capes. We're releasing too a custom boss called Bork with an amazing shop! Hope you guys like this update and don't forget to suggest bugs that you find along with suggestions! We'll take care to look at each of them!

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First of all! We've made quite a big rework inside Mage Bank Area, it was quite old already with wrong facing objects and useless shops, now it's cleaner! About Magic Arena II, it's an OSRS minigame that we're releasing, it should be continued by Mage Arena I but no one was interested to play it so we just didn't release. To start the Mage Arena II you need to go to Mage Bank, there's actually two ways of going to Mage Bank being one by the command mb and the other one by the [/url](Teleport Interface). First of all let setup the armors! You should use Modern Spellbook and be able to cast the spells Saradomin Strike, Claws of Guthix and Flames of Zamorak. We do recommend a set similar to (this one), as it's a Wilderness Minigame and you will lose items if you die, so it's better to not bring anything of value. To start the minigame you should (talk with Kolodion on Mage Bank), accepting the task and you will receive an (Enchanted Symbol). When you use the Enchanted Symbol it will point towards the next guardian on your minimap and spawn it there. There is a total of three guardians which are Derwen, Poradzir and Justiciar Zachariah.

Derwen: The guardian of Guthix, he attacks with Magic and spawns Energy Balls randomly which will regenerate him. It is very much recommended you kill those Energy Balls as soon as possible since Derwen regenrates based on the amount of active Energy Balls on the ground. You can only damage Derwen with the (Claws of Guthix spell), when Derwen dies he drops his essence Ent's root. Derwen is considered the second strongest Mage Arena guardian, probably because of his ability of spawning Energy Balls that regenerate him.

[Image: KHXqcoP.png]

Poradzir: The guardian of Zamorak, he attacks with Magic and has a special attack where he launches an Energy Ball in your direction which can not be predicted. When you get hit by that Energy Ball you can recieve up to 25 damage which will penetrate through prayer. This special only affects players in a 8-tile radius of him. To avoid this special attack you can keep your distance from Porazdir. Poradzir can only be damaged with the Flames of Zamorak spell and when he dies he drops his essence, the Demon's Heart. Poradzir is considered the weakest guardian in the Mage Arena II as his special attack can be easily dodged.

[Image: rNKHsDE.png]

Justiciar Zachariah: The guardian of Saradomin, he attacks with Magic and has two special attacks which we will talk about later. Justiciar Zachariah can only be damaged with the (Saradomin Strike spell). When Justiciar Zachariah dies he drops his essence, the Justiciar's hands. Justiciar Zachariah is considered the strongest Mage Arena guardian, because of his many special attacks.
  1. Justiciar Zachariah launches an Energy Ball in your directions that stuns you for 7 seconds and hits you a maximum hit of 30 if you stay at the location the Energy Ball is launched at. This special attack can not be predicted but can be dodged.
  2. Justiciar Zachariah teleports near you and attacks you with melee, this happens tree times and can not be predicted.

[Image: 6CdrEvF.png]

Magic Capes: After killing all of the guardians you can go back to Kolodion and he will ask you which cape you want, Saradomin, Guthix or Zamorak. With that you'll exchange all the three essences into an Imbued Cape, this Imbued Cape can be used in another Imbued Cape of same type to turn into an Infused Cape. Using an Infused Cape into a Max Cape you get an Imbued Max Cape
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[Image: 3VIzUNy.png]
[Image: 2zzbSTF.png]

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Bork is a new custom boss we're featuring in the game, it spawns 2 a day times in weekdays and 3 times a day in weekends so everyone can participate. There's a lot of ways of teleporting to Bork, those are (Teleport -> Events), (Activity -> PvM), (Help Desk -> Bork) or by the command "bork". You can also see how much time is left by looking at (Information -> Bork). Some of those options instead of just teleporting you will prompt a dialogue asking if you want to

Clicking on some of those options you'll open a chat dialog where you can Teleport to Bork Area or Show Bork weapons. about the Bork Weapons, there's a specific list of weapons for damaging Bork, Bork switches the weapon every 10 seconds so you need to bring all the weapons specified to damage him. The current weapon will be shown above his head and it will always be one of the interface.

[Image: hdCLyvT.png]

[Image: Q1tTje5.png]

Bork is an ork that used to live at Troll Stronghold, after the Christmas Event of 2019 he got angry because of the amount of players being in his land to kill Anti Santa, with that he called some trolls to come with him to a calm place, between those trolls are stone throwing specialists, healers and even Troll Generals! Bork learned some techniques to defeat the players that were still irritating him, a lot of them involve his favorite number two. We must confess that he isn't good at magic spells. Oh remember that even Bork being an ork he got created by peaceful trolls and that is how we got so many troll friends! Today he doesn't know and doesn't talks with anyone of his family or race.

Bork has a total life of 2500 and was made to be hard, don't worry if you die against it as you will not lose ANY of your items. With that, we recommend you call your friends as it is a multi boss more players trying to kill it = more chances. Bork does die automatically 15 minutes after being spawned. Bork only start attacking people in a 25-tile radius, with that, you can be attacked right after teleporting to it so we highly recommend teleporting before he spawns. We've made Bork to have a lot of specials but they were made all in a predictable way, with that let talk about his specials.

First Special - Goop Ball: Bork launches a goop ball at everyone inside his lair.  This goop ball will do a maximum hit of 20 and will ignore prayer.  This special is indicated by multiple speeches.  Which are, "Take a little of my spit!" and "Are you disgusted?".  This special will happen every 6th attack and CANNOT be dodged.  When Bork uses this special, a message in the chat box will appear saying "Bork launches a goop ball at you!".

[Image: acc510fe9e882f8e7e17ea083c38d809.gif]

Second Special - Stun: Bork stuns everyone in a 2-tile radius from him for 3 seconds. The special has multiple speeches to indicate the stun special is about to happen. Those speeches are "Take that!", "Try to attack me now!" and "Don't cry my baby!". When getting hit by this special, you stop attacking Bork and can't attack or eat food while the stun's effect is active.  In the chat you will see the message "You get dizzy imagining the absurd weight of Bork's axe". This special will happen every 9th attack but can be dodged by moving far from Bork.

[Image: 5e1b6046978a1015154f92a81cd8773d.gif]

Third Special - Boulders: Bork makes boulders fall from the sky.  The boulders damage everyone in a 2-tile radius from him. This attack will ignore prayer and do a max hit of 25.  The special has multiple speeches to indicate the boulder special is about to happen. Those speeches are, "Let the skyfall!" , "Try to hide now!" and "Is your detour up to date?".  This special will happen every 11th attack but can be dodged by moving from where the boulders are going to land.

[Image: Dibv1YF.gif]

Fourth Special - Energy Ball: Bork launches an energy ball at a random player.  All players within a 2 tile radius of the energy ball will take damage.  This attack will do a maximum hit of 25 and will ignore prayer.  If you are in the damage area of the energy ball, your screen will fade and shake while being possessed.  The amount of damage will depend how close you are to the energy ball.  The speeches that indicate this special is about to happen are "Better run!" and "Let's go for a walk!".  If you are possessed by the energy ball, you will receive a message "You feel Bork possessing you.".  This special is performed every 14th attack and can be dodged by running away from the energy ball's target location.

[Image: b97a7339890ec0f83ad6ee419363b1b5.gif]

Fifth Special - Minions: Bork can spawn some trolls as minions, there's 4 different types of Minions, Melee, Range, General and Healer all of them have 15 of like (except General that has 30), healers while alive regenerates Bork every 9.8 seconds, Bork spawns a maximum of 5 minions, this special has multiple speeches to indicate the spawning of them which are"

[Image: 177f11f3ced2111a69127b4bb19820cc.gif]

When Bork dies everyone that helped to kill it (until the end) will receive a specific amount of Bork Points, this Bork Points can be used on Bork's Store and it's algorithm is
  • Hardcore Ironman: damage * 0.5
  • Regular Ironman: damage * 0.6
  • Bork's killer: damage * 1.4
  • Regular Player: damage * 1.1

Bork's Store: With those Points you can buy things on Bork's Store, Bork's Store is located in Shops area in Edgeville. In this store we're releasing ten new items and some of them really good for PvM, let's introduce them better here.
  • Viggora's chainmace (u): This chainmace needs to be charged with Revenant Ether, can only be used with at least 1000 of charge and needs 2000 to be activated the passive effect which is only performed versus Wilderness NPCs, this passive effect increases the melee accuracy by 50% and damage by 35%. while using the passive effect your charge rate is 1 ether per attack, with normal attack it consumes 0.016 ether per attack.

  • [Image: yCWk5Uw.png]

  • Thammaron's spectre (u): This spectre needs to be charged with Revenant Ether, can only be used with at least 1000 of charge and needs 2000 to be activated the passive effect which is only performed versus Wilderness NPCs, this passive effect increases the mage accuracy by 100% and damage by 60%, while using the passive effect your charge rate is 1 ether per attack, with normal attack it consumes 0.016 ether per attack.

  • [Image: JX23Jvu.png]

  • Craw's bow (u): This bow needs to be charged with Revenant Ether, can only be used with at least 1000 of charge and needs 2000 to be activated the passive effect which is only performed versus Wilderness NPCs, this passive effect increases the range accuracy by 50% and damage by 30%, while using the passive effect your charge rate is 1 ether per attack, with rapid style it consumes 0.022 ether per attack, with other styles (accurate, long-range) it consumes 0.016 ether per attack.

  • [Image: AKQKo9p.png]

  • Dragonstone set: This set has stats a little worse than Torva Set, it gives a damage increase of 15% per piece in Catacombs of Kourend and Bork. With that this set is really useful for Slayer Tasks inside Catacombs of Kourend.

  • [Image: Kcdyn1v.png]

  • Twisted Coat t1: This coat is totally cosmetic but we really hope you guys like it as it looks cool in any type of outfit.

  • [Image: l00lXbj.png]

  • Mole Slippers: Time to make your outfit more personal! With the new Mole Slippers you can walk anywhere seeing all the people admiring it! (or not)

[Image: IHMl9sT.png]
[Image: Gviajjr.png]

[Image: b52978700386a08ffc66a261f76654de.png]

  • BattleRoyale:
  • Fixed Demonic & Crystal thrones being unlocked any time.
  • Changed the amount of score that you earn every Competitive & HighStakes game.
  • Changed HighStakes entry amount to 300M.
  • Changed HighStakes & Competitive minimum amount to 5 players.
  • Players don't receive Vote Rewards within Battle Royale anymore.
  • Players don't receive Flash Sale Rewards within Battle Royale anymore.
  • Fixed LMS Champions not receiving PM messages.
  • Fixed LMS Champions being always online in friend lists.
  • Fixed a bug where you could win a match without participating in it
  • Fixed not rewarding points while not being between 1 - 3 top players in Battle Royale.
  • We've fixed a problem that when getting attacked too fast (after killing someone) the invulnerable effect would be cancelled.

  • Drops:
  • Drop announcement now requires more expensive items.
  • Added loot beam to Dark Totems drop.
  • Doubled Dark Totems drop rate. Click here to see Screenshot

  • Map modifications:
  • Added Dummies to Clan area.
  • Added musician to Neitznot where prayer altar were.
  • [Image: tgrCjbV.png]
  • Changed the Edgeville PK Lever location in Edgeville.
  • [Image: lZIFqlY.png]
  • Changed the Prayer Altar location in Neitznot.
  • [Image: bxfgOwt.png]
  • Removed Konar above Duradel in Donator Zone.
  • [Image: dFPgzDe.png]
  • Removed clipping from tree in Edgeville Wild. Click here to see Screenshot
  • Skilling:
  • Skilling Tournament Rewards that had more than 100 items are now noted in collection box.
    • Raw Karambwan
    • Papaya
    • Ourg Bones
    • Superior Dragon Bones
  • Farming
    • Fixed "You need a seed dibber to plant seeds." message in Catherby.
    • Magic Secateurs now work at Catherby Farming patch.
  • Tasks
    • Woodcutting skilling task was being counted when burning logs
    • Firemaking skilling task was being counted when cutting logs
    • Fixed pickpocket task being completed immediately
  • Bonfire
    • Can now handle cooking.
    • Can now handle adding logs to.

  • Quality of Life:
  • We've increased a little the Demonic's Gorrila droptable for the Suffering items, check it out!
  • Voting Pack can now only be redeemed when getting at least 7 Voting Points!
  • Now it's possible to have the Looting Bag opened while walking.
  • Hardcore Ironman will not receive Voting Pack rewards anymore!
  • Added different limits to Potion Stores based on your Donator rank
    • Regular: 250
    • Donator: 500
    • Super Donator: 1000
    • Extreme Donator: 1500
  • We've added the current event in Quest Tab above Totems, check it out!
  • Added a delay to one of Jad's attacks.
  • Changed Advanced Knowledge Totem cooldown from 16 to 12 hours.
  • [Image: GYrODT4.png]

  • Wintertodt:
  • Fixed problems with Wintertodt Braziers not being able to be repaired.
  • You can now light Wintertodt Braziers after they were broken if there was combustive on it.
  • Fixed Pyromancers not receiving damage.
  • Fixed Wintertodt projectiles.
  • Animation Issues:
  • Now you stop walking when performing an emote.
  • Fixed some problems with monkey GreeGree's.
  • Fixed some problems with Fishing animations.
  • Now Holy Water disables your Easter Egg effect.
  • [Image: BwOtK8j.gif]
  • Now Dream Spell cancels your following when casted

  • Bugs:
  • Fixed Grey Chinchompa teleporting to void.
  • Fixed Katagon Gauntlets Noted being tradable.
  • [Image: J8SqM2c.png]
  • Fixed Magic Potion bug where you could get infinite (3) potions.
  • Fixed not being able to drink Super Magic Potion at level 70 herblore.
  • Fixed Female Titles showing when you're in a male character.
  • Fixed a way to remove objects with Firemaking.
  • Fixed people not dying in Yanille.
  • Hardcore Ironman will not receive Voting Pack rewards anymore.

  • Others:
  • Now Premium Shop says if an item is elegible to sales when adding it to Wish List / Favorites.
  • Vote shop had two different currency types (Vote Points & Vote points).
  • Conversation system improved.
  • Added a simple conversation to Councillor Halgrive ::clan.
  • Fixed PvP Tournament "has began" message to "has begun".
  • Fixed rewarding wrong Mystery boxes on Skilling Tournament.
  • [Image: tadwRnK.png]
  • We've brought back the Premium Tickets to Skilling Tournament.
  • [Image: ja6UGaR.gif]
[Image: XLMviKB.png]
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