Staff Demotion Thread.
Hi everyone,

Aftersome time and consideration, we have decided to demote Niels. Niels has been busy for a long time IRL now. He came to us in Feb/March explaining his situation, stating he was busy but would be online here and there. He came back again in May and mentioned his schedule was cleared and he was now back to Etherum and able to give us and his rank more hours. Unfortunately, that did not happen and despite numerous efforts by several staff members to reach out to him, including myself, Niels has not responded to anyone in almost a month and has not made any comments within the staff discord in the same length of time. While we all know and respect IRL issues come first, the very low amount of hours he has spent in-game recently plus his lack of communication is what has led to today's decision. 

Niels was a fantastic staff member who was a pleasure to work with. He was a great addition to the staff team and he also spent quite a lot of time in the months prior to March helping Peixe design areas for new content and testing content before release. We are thankful for Niels' commitment to the game but due to the ranks he holds and has acquired, he is needed to be around a lot more then he is.
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Hope Niels is alright. He was definitely a great asset to the team. Not desired, but a necessary demotion. Still sad to see him leave the team officially though.
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Really big shout out to everything Niels has done for this server. Not only as staffmember but also as a team member of the development group. I hope everything is well with him irl and that he swings by every now and then to chat.
Thank you for everything Niels!
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If you read this niels, i hope everything is alright. I want to thank you for being such an amazing staff member. You are the one who taught me how to merch, without you i wouldnt be where i am right now. I hope to see you visit us once youre not as busy anymore. Much love!
smh sad Sad hope y doing alright mate <3 see you soon
I hope Niels is alright and I hope to see him ingame in the near future. <3 <3
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Hope he's alright, Thanks for everything Smile

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