12t's Omm application
In-Game Name(s): 12t and thereal12t
Age: 21
Timezone: Current Timezone, United Kingdom (GMT +1). however, the timezone will be changed in 5-10 days to Qatar (GMT +3)
How often do you play, and will you maintain an increased level of activity if given the rank?: The majority of the day, Omm will let me make sure I can successfully help other players get the trades going for 07/Rs3 when Mods and Omm's are offline, also any player could pm me on discord if they would like an Omm at any time. 
Why do you deserve to be in this group? Please list traits/attributes you believe sets you aside from others, along with a general description of why you believe you should be an OMM:
I believe my timezone is different than the majority of the staffs, which means if anyone would like to omm, I would happily help them, I have been chatting to some friends and they have been telling me there are some bugs here and there that I would like to share with the team so we could make etherum performance where it used to be and in that way, more players will get attracted to the game.
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We want to see better behavior out of you in-game. As an OMM, you are looked up to and held to a higher standard than regular players.

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