Game Update - 07/08/2020
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Hey guys! My name is Peixe and this update took quite a little time but I think it is worth it. In this update, we are introducing the entire Sisterhood Sanctuary including The Nightmare and Phosani's Nightmare. We hope to finish Ver Sinhaza soon so we can introduce the Sleepwalkers walking through the jungle. We're also including Quality of Life fixes, the entire shop area rework and status of some of our current projects. I hope you guys like the way I made this thread as it took more than 8 hours to be finished.

Remember that we do have a Wiki and it has way better-structured information than here, Shirokurai is doing his best to keep the wiki updated and full of information, please consider only taking information from this thread after reading the wiki page

Etherumps - The Nightmare Wiki

0 - Summary

1 - The Nightmare
2 - Phosani's Nightmare
3 - Nightmare Items
4 - Improvements
5 - Examines
6 - Shops
7 - Future updates
8 - Helpers

[Image: 7I3RTmd.png]

1 - The Nightmare

You can access The Nightmare by the Teleport Interface, she is an instanced boss that can be faced by multiple players at once, to achieve that was created a lobby system that we'll explain later. Before going straight to it you should first talk with Shura so she can explain to you a little about The Nightmare history. Right after that, you can create an instance, in the instance interface you can choose between two modes, regular mode (The Nightmare) and harder mode (Phosani's Nightmare)

To create an instance you need to pay an amount that depends on your game mode and which boss-type are you trying, you can see the spawn prices below.
  • Hardcore Ironman
    • The Nightmare: 25m
    • Phosani's Nightmare: 50m
  • Ironman
    • The Nightmare: 75m
    • Phosani's Nightmare: 150m
  • Regular Player
    • The Nightmare: 300m
    • Phosani's Nightmare: 600m

After creating an instance you can already awake nightmare and start playing if you want to play it with friends you need to learn what are the lobby types available and which one fits better for you, you can see all the lobby types and their description below.
  • Solo Lobby
    • Prevents anyone from joining nor spectating your instance, no one will be able to see it in the instance list.
  • Any Lobby
    • Makes so anyone can join and spectate your instance, everyone will be able to see it in the instance list.
  • Clan Lobby
    • Makes so only players from the same clan as you will be able to join and spectate your instance, everyone will be able to see it in the instance list though.
  • Friends Lobby
    • Makes so only players that are in your friends' list will be able to join and spectate the instance, everyone will be able to see it in the instance list though.
  • Password Lobby
    • None of the above fits for you? With a password lobby, only people with the password will be able to join and spectate your instance, everyone will be able to see it in the instance list even not being able to join.
In the last case, you can remove players from your instance and apply a 2 minutes cooldown on them by choosing the option "Remove" after right-clicking. 

After the instance is created only the leader can awake The Nightmare, anyone can awake her but need to pay the respawn price, the respawn price is based on the number of players inside the instance:

[Image: xGObovd.png?1]

The Nightmare's high score resets daily and the person with most kills will receive 100m, Phosani Nightmare does count to this Highscore but has no extra points.

In case the leader gets out of the instance the leadership will be transferred to a random player which will then be able to awake The Nightmare and remove players from the instance too. In case no one awakes The Nightmare in 10 minutes the instance will automatically destroy itself and everyone will be teleported to the Nightmare Lobby.

In case you die inside Nightmare's Lair, you will be able to find all of your items at Shura's Collection and buy them using Soul Points. In case you leave any of your items on Shura's Collection and you die even outside of Nightmare's Lair this item will be wiped and you will not be able to retrieve it.

Remember that Vine Whip / Colored Vine Whip / Twisted Bow have 80% less damage against Nightmare, it's NOT recommended to use it while fighting against Nightmare.

When you open the lobby interface you will see a list of player names, these player names are the instance leaders when you click on one of them you will see some statuses of the instance such as Nightmare shield, phase and even totem charges. There are some parameters to determine if you can join or not in an instance, as you probably read above Instance Privacy is one of them, in case the leader chooses a Privacy type where you are not in you will not be able to Join the instance, only spectate it. To determine better those Instance Privacy types we created a lock system:
  • No lock
    • Means the instance is public, anyone can join and spectate.
  • Iron lock [Image: kJmo9DP.png]
    • Means the instance is restricted to friends or clan only.
  • Gold lock [Image: F6k9NFO.png]
    • Means the instance is restricted to a password only.

Remember that the Instance Privacy isn't everything, you cannot join instances where Nightmare is not sleeping, with that we prevent players manipulating from the re-spawn price and The Nightmare shield.

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[Image: elOL1VK.png?1]

2 - Phosani's Nightmare

Etherum is the first private server to implement Phosani's Nightmare, you may ask the difference and it is that Phosani's Nightmare is way harder than The Nightmare, you can see what are the main differences below.
  • Buffed drop tables.
  • Phosani's Nightmare instance and spawn prices cost 2x more.
  • Phosani's Nightmare standard attacks deal more damage than the Regular Nightmare.
  • Phosani's grasping claws and surge will instantly kill anyone once damaged.
  • The spores deal 5x more damage while slowing the attack speed by 2 ticks instead of 1 they will also last longer.
  • The husks are more accurate and deal more damage.
  • Phosani's Parasites heal more than Regular Parasites and the damage it inflicts you when weakened is 2x more.
  • The Curse attack instead of shuffling your prayers to the right it goes to the left.
3 - Nightmare Items

Along with Nightmare, we are bringing some new items to the game, most of them are useful and game-changing, you should try playing to see it for yourself. These items probably will have some influence on the economy and instead of other bosses/minigames, they aren't that hard to get at all.
  • [Image: D27bw7H.png?1] Nightmare Staff and orbs
    • [Image: efu1uQY.png?1] Eldritch Orb
      • [Image: Y3Yjqle.png?1] Eldritch Orbs are used along with the Nightmare Staff to create the Eldritch Nightmare Staff, its special requires at least 75% of the special bar to be used and when used it gives you a 50% prayer buff based on the damage you've dealt with the special.
    • [Image: cfTH4YS.png?1] Harmonised Orb
      • [Image: vjLOqCD.png?1] Harmonised Orb is used along with the Nightmare Staff to create the Harmonised Nightmare Staff, it has no special and can not cast ancient spells even tho it attacks 1 tick faster.
    • [Image: QF7bXxL.png?1] Volatile Orb
      • [Image: Fn7v7Zp.png?1] Volatile Orb are used along with the Nightmare Staff to create the Volatile Nightmare Staff, its special requires at least 55% of the special bar to be used and when used gives a 50% accuracy bonus, with that it can hit high on players & monsters.
  • [Image: EloDi9R.png?1] Inquisitor Set
    • The Inquisitor set is one of the best sets in the game being between Torva and Primal. When used along with the Inquisitor Mace it gives a 12.5% max hit multiplier at wild and 15% outside. It gives a 40% accuracy bonus inside wild and 80% outside.
  • [Image: C9uicLx.png?1] Little Nightmare
    • Who said Little Nightmare isn't part of the items? Little Nightmare can only be dropped and not achieved by kill count. I've implemented the same system as OldSchool so it will automatically try to follow you when dropped, if not possible it will just go to your familiar interface and send a message in your chat.
  • [Image: L4LFkbj.png?1] Buried Alive
    • I'll let you guys searching to know where does this comes from... You will not receive the Buried Alive for the second time.

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[Image: NkPFpKQ.png?2]

4 - Improvements

Let's talk about some Quality of Life fixes, as I was working on Nightmare I could not make too many fixes but I hope you guys like it, most of them were got from our Discord Suggestions chat so if you have a suggestion please leave it there. 

  • Added a simple Discord Integration by now but we will improve it and make it very customized in the future.
  • Fixed all sounds and imported all the music from the old school.
  • The client is now using the newer update server.
  • Fixed the old school NPC heads being too small.
  • Improved Object Definition dumping.
  • Improved height rendering system.
  • Improved a little client performance.
  • [Image: pfbmLvx.png?1] Spooky Set
    • There were some Spooky costumes not wearable in the game, all of them should be replaced with this update and be wearable again.
  • [Image: tjIqrlD.png?1] Mystery Boxes
    • Seems that some Mystery Boxes were being replaced with Orange boxes. We did not receive any report from this bug but if it was happening it should not be happening anymore.
  • [Image: RXSQtlz.png?1] Trident of Seas
    • Same as Mystery Boxes seems that some Trident of Seas were turning into uncharged.
  • [Image: vdpD2bq.png?1] Slayer helmets
    • [Image: V1PJ1ve.png?1] [Image: kiNzkQC.png?1] [Image: ovNGqo6.png?1] [Image: hfxtBXp.png?2] We made all the Red, Green, Turquoise and Hydra slayer helmets the same stats as Full Slayer Helmet.
  • Made yell tickets stackable.

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  • [Image: UXKBinE.png?1] Skilling Tasks
    • Fixed a problem where sometimes you could not get a Skilling Task.
  • [Image: 5lRYgkR.png?1] Fishing
    • Now it is possible to fish anglerfish at Wild Skilling Area, you will need a sandworm which can be bought at Fishing Shop.
  • [Image: i1jFlN3.png?1] Cooking
    • Now it is possible to cook raw anglerfish.
  • [Image: QFd38M9.png?1] Slayer
    • Fixed both Monkey zombie and Ape skeleton slayer tasks not counting.
  • [Image: swBLcs7.png?1] Herblore
    • [Image: jTuAZQL.png?1] You can now create Sanfew serums using the following ingredients.
      • [Image: E9fwfbj.png?2] Using Super restore
        • [Image: fqbq89P.png?1] Unicorn horn dust
        • [Image: xUnNjmN.png?1] Snake weed
        • [Image: tQQWKO2.png?1] Nail beast nails
      • [Image: LAPKzXP.png?1] Using Mixture - Step 1
        • [Image: xUnNjmN.png?1] Snake weed
        • [Image: tQQWKO2.png?1] Nail beast nails
      • [Image: WbvGuxQ.png?1] Using Mixture - Step 2
        • [Image: tQQWKO2.png?1] Nail beast nails
  • [Image: 65qdFel.png?1] Smithing
    • [Image: bee3zJ0.png?1] Bronze Sword
      • There was a problem that when trying to craft an iron sword it would give you a bronze sword instead, this problem has been fixed and shouldn't happen anymore.
  • [Image: CBlBQIZ.png?1] Woodcutting
    • [Image: FVEFbLi.png?1] Now you can cut ivy, they give a really good amount of XP and can be found near of Yanille.
  • [Image: W6GKFK3.png?1] Mining
    • [Image: sqi44oG.png?1] Rock
      • Now it is possible to mine rocks and use them at Rock Golems to change them to the default colour.
  • Fixed the drop announcements being repeated.
  • [Image: EM4Ubbv.png?1] Combat Dummies will not consume your special bar anymore.
  • [Image: 9oG89Vl.png?1] Kraken
    • Made Kraken attack slower, it should be easier now.
  • [Image: sGDztEt.png?1] Bork
    • Fixed Bork not appearing after the first kill.
  • [Image: 93vAOm1.png?1] Added the old school conversation to Grug.
  • [Image: 9SZHpXk.png?1] Added the old school conversation to Ogre Guard.
  • Highly improved conversation system performance and security.
  • Pets
    • Optimized pet conversation RAM waste.
    • [Image: 1TP597S.png?1] Fixed the Skotos conversation emotes.
    • Fixed all the wrong pickup options.
    • [Image: e5FoBwY.png?1] Fixed the Jad conversation.
    • Added the old school conversation to the following pets
      • [Image: Oqiczf4.png?1] Mole
      • [Image: 7flbALG.png?1] Beaver
      • [Image: s5VzNo3.png?1] Chinchompas
      • [Image: CCI89oB.png?1] Calisto Cub
      • [Image: z1kHc6O.png?1] Giant Squirrel
      • [Image: ucEUocP.png?1] Hellpuppy
      • [Image: ywEKUvn.png?1] Heron
      • [Image: 9FAie50.png?1] Ikkle Hydra
      • [Image: xbj5bDD.png?1] Kraken
      • [Image: vizBYnt.png?1] Rocky
      • [Image: bw4B5MM.png?1]Twisted Firestarter
      • [Image: COmhBV3.png?1] Tangleroot
      • [Image: lcwMcET.png?1]Rock Golem
  • Now you can teleport to a zoologic by using the command zoo.
  • Musician at Edgeville will not look at you anymore.
  • Changed the skip timer from 10 seconds to 5 seconds.
  • Now you can find Needles on Haystacks.
  • Now you can search on some chests/crates/wardrobes.
  • [Image: yja9faq.png?1] Now you can grab cabbage, potatoes, and onions.
  • Donator Zone
    • [Image: Yb6hlO1.png?1] We changed the musician position on Donator Zone because some people were having troubles to access the Cooking Range. 
    • We added a bonfire on old musician position so players can train Firemaking on Donator Zone easily.
  • Rock Golem
    • Now you can use tin, copper, iron, silver, coal, gold, mithril, adamantite, runite to change your Rock Golem colour.
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5 - Examines

We added some Examine options to some of our current NPCs and some of our items, almost all of them are unique, you can see some of the added examinations below:
  • Melee Store: Size doesn't matter.
  • Armor Store: This guy is very well equipped.
  • Range Store: Used to sell bows and fight against trolls.
  • Mage Store: He is holding a nice staff, should check if he is selling it...
  • Potion Store: He doesn't look like an alchemist...
  • PK Store: This girl might have some powerful weapons...
  • Blood coins Store: I guess I would need to kill some players to buy items from him...
  • Food Store: Some people say he was the winner of MasterChef 2013.
  • Hunting Expert: He seems very experienced...
  • Wise Old Man: Am I searching for a cape?
  • Bork's Store: This guy might have some unique items, I should check it out.
  • Artefacts Store: Who doesn't like statuettes?
  • Combat Dummy: This combat dummy seems torn but still useful.
  • Nurse: Used to be a professional medic, now is healing people here.
  • Max: Looks to be boosting some safe minigames...
  • Participation Store: Is that gold on her throne?
  • Etherum Guide: Might need to learn some things.
  • Make-over Mage: Can he change his appearance?
  • Sir Vant: I always see him helping newcomers.
  • Prestige Store: He doesn't look like a skiller.
  • Discord Store: What is she writing?
  • Premium Points Exchanger: Did he ever get out of the gym?
  • Saleman: So many products to fit in a small backpack.
  • Vote Store: Used to be a Saradomin warrior but seems that selling outfits makes more profit.
  • Charity Well: Should I just drop the items inside there?
  • Musician: Never got interrupted in his entire life.
  • Weird Old Man: He smells a bit
  • Decanter: Split potions based in doses.
  • Sailor: He really likes water.
  • Chief Thief Robin: Learning with a bandit.
  • Banker: Manages your bank account.
  • Bank Guard: Shouldn't he be near the vault?
  • Edward: The blood is the new fashion.
  • Grim Reaper: Never saw him collecting anything.
  • Krystillia: A witch who likes chaos, she looks dangerous!
  • Guard: He tries to keep order around here.
  • Skeleton: Could do with gaining a few pounds.
  • Mage of Zamorak: A Disciple of Zamorak.
  • Player Owned Shop: The biggest sale ever made.
  • Bank Booth: How would someone rob this bank?
  • Combat Table: The purest pure of the purest of the pure.
  • Bank deposit box:
    • When the player has no pin
      • Why would someone use that?
    • When the player has a pin
      • Can it be more practical than that?

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[Image: yP72xtN.png]

6 - Shops
  • [Image: znkHg2j.png?1] Fishing Store
    • Added sandworms to the shop for a price of 5.000 each.
  • [Image: aWkvyJh.png?2] Mining Store
    • Removed duplicated iron bars
    • Removed the possibility of selling items not on shop already.
  • [Image: HNxkpgn.png?2] Melee Store
    • Added a Melee Store located at the shop area, it has some scimitars, long-swords, maces, and 2 handed swords being made from runite, adamant, mithril, etc.
  • [Image: x7KiEYz.png?1] Armour Store
    • Some of you already knew that Oziach was selling armours but he was a little far from the shops so we created a new Armor Shop, Oziach was moved neither removed.
  • [Image: dIHjHy8.png?1] Hunter Store
    • Each price in Hunter Store got multiplied by 100x.
  • Blood coins store
    • Fixed a little typo where the name of the shop itself was Blood Money Store while the NPC was called Blood coins store.
  • [Image: 2krHgjt.png?1] Ozan
    • Removed Ozan and now all the milestone-capes will be at Wise Old Man.
  • [Image: 2krHgjt.png?1] Clan Merchant
    • Removed Clan Merchant and now all of his rune equipment can be found at a new section on Blood Coins Store called Clan Suits
  • [Image: iEb3gE6.png?1] Make-over Mage
    • Moved him from the shop area to the side of the Etherum Guide.
    • Moved him from the shop area to the side of the Etherum Guide.
  • Premium Shop Features
    • 20 Clue scroll re-roll credits.
      • Changed that to 10 Clue scroll re-roll credits.
  • Premium Potion Store
    • Added Sanfew Serum Flask to the Premium Potion Store, it is currently one of the most expensive flasks in the shop.
  • [Image: Z2lXvYW.png?1] Potion Store
    • Added Sanfew Serum Potion to the Potion Store, the same as Premium Potion Store it is now one of the most expensive potions in the shop.

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[Image: lOaKcTG.png]

7 - Project Statuses

Lately, Pb has been trying to introduce OpenGL to the game but to achieve that it's needed to replace all our current rendering system to old school one instead of pre-eoc. Pb plans to implement an OpenGL rendering, it will have better performance than the RuneLite as RuneLite uses an injector while our renderer would be directly in the code. There is no screenshot yet to show you as it is not possible to run it without transferring the rendering system.

Real Life Gambling
IRL Gambling was able to work without any bugs with the server even restarting, that's a nice thing. Already created the interface design of it just need to wait for the interface be created so we can open it for testing phase. The idea of Real Life Gambling would be about gambling on real-life sports like soccer, basketball, and real-life teams. 

Chambers of Xeric & Theatre of Blood
Ok, I need to talk about this, as I was working too much on The Nightmare and QoL updates I could not work too much on raids, mainly because I had a problem with the new instance clipping system and couldn't do anything without it, with that some algorithms need to be debugged to see where the real problem is. Pb600 is gonna code Raids with me so we can make it faster. I can see both Raids 1 and Raids 2 being released before 2021. We planned of making so the reward of Raids 1 & Raids 2 would be the coloured Twisted Bow which in theory shouldn't be able to be got from donations.

Weapon Game
We want to introduce Weapon Game back to the game, a whole new combat mechanics with new mage & prayer books. This requires a lot of client-side job and Pb probably would take a while to do all that alone so I'm planning of helping him with some server-side parts. I can see the Weapon Game being introduced between February and May of 2021.

It's sad to say that but we can not make Gauntlet before Raids mainly because of the clipping mechanics, I didn't see how Gauntlet works further because of that restriction, our Gauntlet would be the same of old school one except the interfaces which we would use ours.

Pb started the Poker project already, it is on the modelling phase, I will not say too much about this project because it isn't nearly done.

[Image: 3rG0IQL.png?1]

Thanks, Shirokurai, Iron Fun, Mateus, Jaiz, Ridj and O P Y for introducing me to The Nightmare, testing and letting Trello organized. If you liked this style of update-note please comment down here so I can make more. Don't think I forgot of you Thomas, Thomas really helped me to develop some algorithms (same as Mateus).

Peixe - Etherum developer.
[Image: XLMviKB.png]
Peixe - Graphic Designer / Motion Designer & Programmer   
The following 7 users say Thank You to PeixeDev for this post:
  â€¢ azalea, Ridok, Everclef, Suffer Plox, ShiroKurai, Iron Fun, Pb600
Cutest update thread ever.
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The following 2 users say Thank You to Pb600 for this post:
  â€¢ Adam, Iron Fun
POG, Good job guys <3
The following 1 user says Thank You to Iron Fun for this post:
  â€¢ ShiroKurai
Great content coming in with this update. Nice work!
Exciting content and nice new update thread style wise. Keep up the good work, Peixe. Big Grin

PS: since the wiki isn't ready, here is a short summary of what to use against the boss:

[Image: YOm7g0p.png]

Inquisitor Helm > Fighter helm > Neitznot Faceguard > Serp Helm > >Statius' Full Helm
Tort (or) > Tort > Blood Necklace > Wilderness Amulet > Fury
Comp cape > Max Cape > Wildy Cape > Kiln > Fire Cape
Inquisitor's Hauberk > Vesta Chainbody > Statius Platebody
Inquisitor's Plateskirt > Vesta Plateskirt > Statius Platelegs
Ferocious Gloves > Wilderness Gloves > Barrows Gloves > Vanguard Gloves
Ring Of Suffering (ri) > Eye Of The Warrior > Onyx ring (i) > Wilderness Ring > Ring Of Suffering
Primordial Boots > Steadfast Boots > Dragon boots
Primal Maul > Elder Maul > Chaotic Maul > Inquisitor's Mace (set bonus makes it BIS) > Statius Warhammer
Flameburst Defender > Wilderness Kiteshield > Dragon Defender > Unholy Book > Book of Balance > Chaotic Kiteshield
[Image: fozkR8t.png]

The following 2 users say Thank You to ShiroKurai for this post:
  â€¢ Ridok, Iron Fun
Loving the amount of updates coming lately. Keep it up guys!
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Great update. And a very clear way of showing it all off, well done Peixe.
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Nice Update
[Image: pAeyd1f.png]

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Amazing update, as someone who tested this and saw things behind the scenes, I know things could get quite frustrating at times but thanks for pulling through with a nice big one. Looking forward to what you and PB have planned for CoX and ToB Big Grin
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