Weekend Voting Pack (Event)
Hey everyone, as a lot of you may know, voting packs were introduced a few months ago. We have seen some items added, and players voting to achieve these certain items. However, we are aware certain players vote before the voting pack, which leads them to miss the rewards, which can obviously be frustrating.

I am going to be trying to do a voting pack once a month. It will start on a Friday, and continue until Sunday. When this event takes place, I will post a thread a few days prior, and give a certain time in which items will be deposited into the vote pack.

The first voting pack will be this Friday, and continue on until Sunday. These will be the times where items will be deposited.

* Friday (August 7th) - 12 Noon (- 5 gmt)

*Saturday  - 12 Noon 

* Sunday - 12 Noon

The items are still being sorted out, but you can count on items like Claws/Vines/Chaotics/Auras and more to be added

Also, if you wish to donate, message a staff member in game. Any items will help

Also keep in mind, you must receive at least 7 points when you vote to get an item from the voting pack. Try to vote on every site, it will give you more voting points, a potential item from the voting pack, and help bring players to the server.

And please no Vpns Smile Thank you
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