Game Update - 12/08/2020
[Image: CQCH2gL.png]

Hey guys, today we are releasing some bug fixes and improvement on previous released contents.

  • Nightmare kills now counts properly on the familiar kill count.
  • Now the Volatile Nightmare staff works properly like OSRS
  • Twisted bow will no longer be effective against Nightmare Totems
  • Now mage damage is properly improved at Nightmare Totems
The Nightmare drop system was reworked
    • Fixed Nightmare barely not dropping non-rares.
    • The drops were improved in overall
    • Now the unique items drop works properly like OSRS
      • There will be a single or two rolls (based on amount of players)
      • On each roll, first game will roll the orbs then roll the armors and weapons.
      • In case it hits an item, the game will put players on a weight table based on their dealt damage and give the item to a random player.
[Image: LaF0bZ5.png]

Note: The highlighted items are only rolled once or twice per kill, while other items on the table are rolled once per player that participated, meaning that unique items should be way more rare than the others, despite the small difference on the rarity!

Last Man Standing
  • Now players will only drop non default items upon death.
  • Fixed players losing their real items on death.
  • Fixed an issue causing some maps to take too long to load.
    • Most maps should load faster in overall.
  • Fixed blood barrage making NPCs invisible
  • Fixed an issue on Combat making players walk to the NPC when killing it using mage.
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On 07 you can get 2 rolls for an item even if you're solo.
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goood job pb
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Once again solid update & bug fixes.
Thank you to all contributors and testers!
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