Game Update - 10/02/2020
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Hey guys, I'm happy to say that today we are getting some exciting updates!

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Cape customizer presets

Now you can save presets pressing 'save' button and quickly select them from top 'presets' button

[Image: lEmYB8e.png]

Ground Item Names filtering

Now you can filter the ground names by market price, that way you don't get a screen flooded with non interesting items!

[Image: R3NSLfp.png]

Quick Zooming

In case you find regular zoom speed slow, you can tick a setting to double that speed.

[Image: dXuUVzw.png]

[Image: ioZHYfe.png]

Duo Slayer

In order to start a duo task you may use the regular Gem and select 'Partner' then simply click on your partner and he will be prompted to accept the duo.

[Image: lgHhCke.png]

The task kill count will be increased by 75%, meaning that if both players are effective, tasks can be completed 25% faster than being solo!

In order to start a duo task, both players must have no assignment set!
If a player use a VIP ticket to change task, this player will be removed from the Duo Group.

[Image: jKIr2qK.png]

Rock Paper & Scissors!

A new gambling mode has replaced the 'ABC Flower' mode.

In this new gambling mode available you must choose between one of the three options within 10 seconds!

I guess you know what to do!

[Image: D8KQ3Cn.png]

Hoster Chances

Since gambling update, some ranked gamblers have been asking me to 'roll back to old system' because there were 'waay too many options and no point on having the rank anymore'.

Well it took long but now I've pooled in-game to check what was players opinions.

[Image: sHhnWlB.png]

Well as stated in the poll we'd allow players to OPTIONALLY select 55% / 45% chances like always has happened on Dice for other Game Modes.

So I've changed the flower games a bit, now when 55% hoster is ticked, there will be 5% of chances that a white flower will fall into possible flowers. (If you think about it, leads to a bit less than 5% of chance yet). If a white flower appears in any of the flower games, means that the host wins.

So to sum it:

White flower: Host always wins.

However since Blackjack and Rock & Scissors are not lucky based games, it was not possible to implement a host advantage option, unless we provided 5% instant win in those, but first I want to discuss that with community.

This all is on a trial period, I'll make another poll in the future to check how its going.

[Image: xyqNRr2.png]

Completionist cape (t)

About the time! Completionist cape (t) will be available on the store, to the players that achieve the following steps:

1: Level up prestige to max level (20 so far)
2: Achieve 4,6B experience (with max prestige level)
3: Complete ALL tasks (Including bonus ones)

[Image: kjFaPiJ.png]

If you have ideas of perks for the cape, make a suggestion on discord!

[Image: NMzklvM.png]

Achievement Cape

Regular and trimmed achievement capes are now available at Master Store!

[Image: Esv9FXU.png]

[Image: CS26dpd.png]

In order to obtain the untrimmed cape, you must complete all tasks, except for the bonuses one.
In order to obtain the trimmed cape, you must complete 100% of available tasks!

[Image: D540fZQ.png]

  • Fixed a problem where server would visually remove more items from ground than the amount picked up (visual glitch) when spam clicking 'pickup'. (That also may make pickup faster when spam clicking the same item on ground)
  • Fixed Jewelery making interface allowing to make jewelery without spending gems.
  • Jad was fixed, it should be attacking properly now.
  • The coins dropped by Ironman on breakables (The value will be converted to the price they pay to repair)
  • The delay applied on Combat when eating was fixed, it was setting to 5 ticks, it was reduced to 1 tick delay.
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Nice update, keep it up Smile
Good job PB, sick update!
Nice job Pb and everyone that helped test the content. Keep up the great work! Big Grin

Can’t wait to lose my bank with some rock, paper & scissors Smile.
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Nice update
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Such a great update, loving it! Big Grin
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nice to see you care about game again good updates please dont stop with this updates <3

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