Game Update - 10/26/2020
[Image: CQCH2gL.png]

Halloween Event

The halloween event was enabled, and will be play-able until day 3.

In order to play the event story, head to the ship entrance at Catcherby

The event starts in Catherby, you must board the south most ship at the docks, south of cathebry bank.

You will need Melee, Range and Mage to complete this event along with a special attack weapon.

Talk to Hazelmere He shows you his house and teleports you to a castle full of zombies.

You must run to the house (An arrow on your minimap will show you where to go)

When you arrive at the house click on the scroll on the ground Close the scroll interface and now there's another arrow pointing to a library. Run here. This library is full of zombies, kill all of them.

After you kill all the zombies , the spirit talks with you asking why you're here
You're teleported again to a place full of demons
Go to the arrow where death is A conversation starts and Hazelmere attacks you.
You'll appear at a dark altar with spirit asking the gods to revive you Death appears A cutscene happens You need to kill death.

Death has 4 stages.

Stage 1 -> Attack with Melee Stage
2 -> Attack with Range Stage
3 -> Attack with Mage Stage
4 -> Attack with Special Attack.

In parallel, our staff team will be able to spawn Nazastarool boss and Vampyres that drops soul fragments, that can be exchanged at Grim Reaper next to G.E
[Image: RToUM2S.png]

We have some new cool outfit, also with latest OSRS halloween event items available!

[Image: hCAgyo9.png]

Colored Divine Shield

A colored divine shield will be available to be purchased on Grand Exchange, we should release max 100 of those items on economy, and leave it un-obtainable for the next 1-2 years.
The shield will work exactly like regular divine spirit shield.

[Image: Ns42sm3.png]

  • Slayer Ticket was fixed,  it should reset options every time a new task is given.
  • Fixed dharok's accuracy formula.
  • Fixed presets allowing players to wear shields with two handed weapons.

The Good news
  • The sport bet system is like 40% coded, lots of time were spent adjusting the 'login screen interface system' to work inside the game and communicate with server. (Had to add scrolling support and many other stuff)
  • Meaning that we also have a proper interface system ready to code Texa's Holde'm when we get to it. (However Raids is next)
  • This week I'll focus on player's suggestions and bug fixes, looking forward to release another update at the end of this week.
  • It's something that many people already know, so I'll post here.
We have cleaned over 60% of game economy recently, all of those items were 100% removed from eco.
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Good one, keep it up!
Looking forward to the bug fixes and the new event, good job!
Great update pb

Can you add special back to Sag longbow please?
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nice bank pb600
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