Event, giveaway.
Hey everyone, 

I am bringing some fun to the game
I will be hosting an event on November 15th!

The total amount of rewards will be around 500-700b!

What type of events
  • First to trade
  • Drop party
  • PvP tournament
  • Trivia
All rewards will be hosted by me. If anyone wants to donate more items to the event, feel free to PM me ingame or on Discord.

Time and date
November 15th, 7PM GMT+2 time. See when 7PM GMT+2 time is here.

Some of the rewards will be:
  • Torva sets
  • Vine whips
  • Primordial boots
  • Armadyl godswords (or)
  • Armadyl godswords
  • Dragon claws
  • Elysian spirit shields
  • Divine spirit shields
  • Chaotic mauls
  • Abyssal daggers
  • Chaotic rapiers
  • Amulet of torture (or)s
  • Steadfast boots
  • Glaiven boots
  • Ragefire boots
  • Colored staff of lights
  • Party hats

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Looking forward to the event, thanks for hosting! Big Grin
[Image: fozkR8t.png]

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