Game Update - 11-11-2020
[Image: CQCH2gL.png]

Hey guys, today's update is based on all latest players suggestions, we will be releasing more suggestions and bug fixes soon!

[Image: RFONOVE.png]
  • The instance creation price was reduced by 50% for both modes.
  • [Image: 9NonXjJ.png]
  • There will be no cost to switch from Phosani's nightmare to regular one.

[Image: QJKUvLE.png]

Wilderness Resource Area

The wild resource area is now fully functional again.

[Image: 0mSCc9Y.png]


There's now a spot to fish anglerfishes.

[Image: JcFYveL.png]

A new global task allows to challenge players to beat XP gain at wild area

[Image: D1A9eGl.png]

  • Now Zamorak Brew can be mixed.
  • Super Combat Potion (4) can now be mixed.
  • Anti-venom+ potion mix ingredients were changed to Antivenom + Clean Torstol.
  • Hunter brawling gloves was added to Brawlers chest rewards.
  • Skill task master has now left click quick actions
  • [Image: SCnLGFX.png]

Completionist Cape (t)

The stats of completionist cape (t) were improved
[Image: tMMV9wD.png]

[Image: i0Y4Cok.png]

  • Kristilia will now assign Revenants as task.
  • TzTok-Jad was added to Boss Slayer tasks.

[Image: 0wGSzvc.png]

  • Callisto defence was nerfed.
  • A nurse was added to ::train area.
  • Alchemical Hydra will drop now 3 hydra bones.
  • The price of herbs cleaning was reduced.
  • Inquisitor Mace no longer will suffer damage absorption from Cerberus.
  • Neitznot Faceguard item can now be dismantiled.
  • Fixed Bork not accepting broken Dharok Greataxe.
  • Venenatis defence against mage was increased.
  • Venenatis stun frequency was reduced.
  • Tormented Bracelet is available on Premium Store as requested.
  • Rune Pouch will only be permanently lost at wilderness.
  • Toolkit & Aura Chest items were added to Participation store
  • [Image: ysbXCG1.png]
  • Kodai Wand will now provide infinite Water Spells as supposed to.
  • Chaos Elemental and Jungle Demon respawn delay was decreased.
  • You may now hold CTRL on a Combat NPC and be able to see the monster drop table.
  • [Image: jyEzztI.png]
  • Royal Crossbow stats were improved
  • [Image: 4mguQFz.png]
[Image: tuz7AmI.png]
  • Regular Hydras will no longer ignore single-area combat.
  • Fixed a Wyrm not counting as slayer progress.
  • Fixed a problem where flaming aura would cook 4 fishes when player only had one raw in the inventory.
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Great update!
nice update. glad to see my aura&tool kit suggestion went down well. Smile
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Thanks for update, can you fix chins pleas?
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(11-13-2020, 02:45 PM)robotranger3 Wrote: Thanks for update, can you fix chins pleas?

Please report the issue with chins (and any future bugs) here

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