Azalea resigned and quited
Hi Guys,

if you already saw azalea is not anymore ingame, I quited etherum for irl things and more..  but thank you guys to being a staff member and helping people ingame Big Grin I will miss my friends ingame i wish you luck in the future and maybe one day i will coming back, thanks to the people were i had a great adventure with 

Peacee stay safe!!!
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Thanks for being apart of the staff team, Aza.

Good luck in your future endeavors!
Good luck IRL, Aza. Take care of yourself. Smile
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It was really cool to have you in this staff team, i wish you the best and hopefully you come to visit us some day Big Grin
Sad to see you leaving, we will miss you. Good luck <3
Really sucks to lose an essential member to the game. At least you resigned when you felt like you needed to, something not a lot of people would do. All personal feelings aside, you were a loyal member to the game and I wish you the best IRL. Smile
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