Wiki Editor Application - Grumpy159
- In-game name: 
Grumpy159 is my main account but I also have Grumpy1599 and Grumpy Teemo

- Do you have any previous experience editing with html/BBcode?
I don't have any experience but im taking a course at the moment to help myself

- Have you made any guides? If so Link them here.
I've made a guide about various ways to play a League of Legends champion named Teemo Smile i stopped playing the game as competitively as before so its not updated for current season

- Why should we let you on the wiki team?
I've been playing on Etherum for almost a year now and I really grew fond of the commune help that we share towards each other. I want to take part in this great family and give a share of my knowledge of the game and I feel that by updating the wiki regularly, I can help make the community grow in numbers Tongue

- What do you think editing a wiki is all about?
Editing is a big part of the final touches before the release to the public. How it looks, any typos and also how to make it more appealing.

- Do you have anything else you would like to add to your application?
I have a couple of things i would like to fix in the wiki but i dont want to sound to hasty

i'd like to make some ajustements & updates to the skilling guides.. i would also have some ideas to add in the wiki as i see some potential for helpful solutions.. i see the Skilling guides as the most reliable way to get to know the basics and also maybe some good updates that would help for the skilling tournament. i've noticed some of the values need adjusting, some recepies are not craftable anymore (herblore skill lost a pot), but, i also have a great idea that i want to reveal to you guys before the community

- Do you have a Discord account? (If not are you willing to make one)
I do and i'm willing to make one especially for etherum if need be Smile
Mr Grumpy Cat is my long used Gamer Tag but people call me Grumpy Tongue even IRL cuz im a grumpy old cat Big Grin  lmao

Grumpy159 - Wiki Editor
Grumpy Teemo - Alt #2
Grumpy1599 - Alt #3
Grumpy Iron - Ironman
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Welcome to the team.

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