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Tormented Demons Guide
by ShiroKurai

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Tormented Demons can be found in Brimhaven Dungeon. To be able to enter the cave where the Tormented Demons are, you will need a Flame Fragment.
Flame Fragments can be obtained from various monsters: Ice Giants, Hill Giants, Fire Giants, Moss Giants, Ice Warriors and Dad.

You can get to Brimhaven Dungeon by using the Combat Training teleport.

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Once you are at Brimhaven Dungeon, go to this location. The entrance to Tormented Demons will be a cave entrance.

[Image: Z7HDKpG.png]

You will now be in a cave. To get to the Tormented Demons, walk south.

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Tormented Demons are not hard nor easy to kill. Their attacks can be blocked with protection prayers and will not hit through prayer. However: they use all three attack styles - which means you will have to switch prayers continuously.

Tormented Demons will also use protection prayers against your attacks. So you will need two attack styles: melee and magic. In order to harm them with melee, you will need a Darklight weapon. This weapon can be obtained from the Black Knight Titan boss, a slayer master for 350 slayer points or from the Crystal chest.

The key is to always use melee (Darklight) unless the Tormented Demon has the melee protection prayer on. In that case, use magic. You can either use Blood Barrage or Ice Barrage. Blood Barrage hits will heal you, but Ice Barrage will most likely do more damage.

Killing the Tormented Demons will not be fast. They have 1000 HP, use three attack styles and will always have a protection prayer on. If you're getting good hits with Darklight, you might succeed in killing it within 4 to 5 minutes (overload potion time)

Here is how you recognize which attack style they are using. Once he flicks his hand sideways and throws a white spell at you, it's a magic attack. Slashing you with his claws is a melee attack. Casting a brown-green ball is ranged. Here's a preview of the attacks:

[Image: drgyIxm.png]

At Tormented Demons, you want to maximize your melee and magic bonus with your gear. It's also recommended taking a familiar that can store items (War Tortoise or a Pack Yak) if you want to stay for more than two or three kills. Remember that your flame fragment has limited uses, so teleporting in and out after every kill is not what you want to do.

[Image: TrEoFYI.png] [Image: xBQ1PAG.png]

Darklight - 1x
Blood, Water and Death runes
Overload - 1x
Super Restore - 5x
Saradomin Brew - 16x
Flame Fragment - 1x
Home teleport - x1

3.2 - GEAR
Ancestral hat
Completionist cape
Amulet of torture (or)
Kodai wand
Arcane spirit shield
Ancestral robe top
Ancestral robe bottom
Ragefire bottom
Barrows Gloves
Seers (i)

4 - Drops

[Image: v8OObDZ.png]
[Image: fozkR8t.png]

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Very nice guide man, i like the detail.
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The only suggestion I have for your guide is to make the crucial information for defeating Tormented Demons stand out more. Change the plain-text style describing how to kill the Npc & the information on your gear/inventory layout in a way that makes the information stand out and represent how important the information actually is. Boldening, underlining, increasing the text size and other similar aspects can do this.

Great guide.
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