Faulty's Staff Feedback
Hello Staff Members and the Community ofcourse,

I'm just going to be doing a little Staff Feedback and it will be a sort of Feedback where I'll try and give some advice on what you can improve on because we see different views on how you guys act.


- Pb600; Now, there isn't much advice I can give to you considering you do everything that we could possibly ask for which is lovely to see and you're very active and you interact with the community which is also nice to see considering you don't really see that in other servers.

- Jordy; It would be lovely to see you interact with the community abit more. You were pretty active when the reset happened and yes I do get that you're extremely busy working on improving the Forums etc but maybe if you could be a bit more active and communicate with the community a bit more that would be awesome!

- Byron; Yours is the same as Jordys but obviously you're not the Web Dev, you're the In-game Developer. Maybe known as Developer Assistance in other words. So yeah, just maybe try communicate with the community in-game a bit more would be great.


- Tyler; As said above to Pb, you're extremely good at holding the Co-Owner rank In-game because you do college (correct me if I'm wrong) plus Co-Owner is kind of behind the scene rank considering you mainly take care of account recoveries but you're still active in-game and interact with the community which is lovely to see. Although you could maybe organise something with the Forums Admins if they can check up on the Forum Rank Requests, that would be good!


- None ATM

Elite Mod;

- Saim; You're very active on 2 different things, and that is Discord and In-game obviously. Why am I saying VERY active? I'm saying it because you get on when you're at work (I get that some staff members don't do work that involves computers but it's still good to see staff members caring that much about us! :hurr: Well, the real question is... Do they? Hehe. Not much else that you can improve on apart from maybe helping out the community and promoting/yelling, for an example "Need any Staff Members Assistance? Do ::Staffonline and pm anyone of us!".

- Sir Wizard; Again with Saim, you're very active and also extremely helpful to the community and you're very consistent in your helping which is lovely to see! although if you could, maybe just interact with the community a bit more by going to popular places such as G.E and having some fun there :p

- Jaiz; Kyle, Kyle, Kyle Kyle... Look mate, there isn't much to say at all.. You do an amazing job at helping the community out and also you have fun 24/7 apart from dealing with stupid reports which I guess isn't fun... Well, it wasn't for me >Sad (You know what I'm talking about.)


- Lego; Don't really got much to say here as I think we're in different timezones, I just hope you're doing great and helping out the community! >Smile

- Dannyx; Was talking to you couple of days ago on Discord and I asked you to do something very simple as I wasn't able to do so and you didn't do it and then decided to Ignore me... I hope you don't do that to the other players or something isn't gonna work the way you'd like to have it. Other then that, keep 'Helping' out Smile

- Zoiezo; As said to Lego above, don't really see you online much as it's due to timezones, I just hope you're doing the right thing by helping out the new/old players!

Server Supporters; 

- Mrlebeaudry; Every time I get online before school I always see you helping out, enjoying the game like a Staff Member should do which is lovely to see. You're always putting in 100% effort in everything is needed and if it's important! but again, we aren't really a good timezone for me to have much to say :/

- Acolyte; Was quiet sad how you got demoted or resigned from the In-game Admin rank as you were being an amazing role model to the lower ranks and also the community. I hope you can pick up some motivation or what ever is holding you back from logging in for longer, would be awesome to see you more active! Other than that, keep helping out as you do an amazing job.

If I've forgotten any Staff Members could you please comment them below, otherwise I hope you guys liked my Feedback and I hope some of it could possibly happen. Boring Staff Members = Boring Server = Dead Server. Trust me I know due to my past in being a Staff Member on a different server.

Thanks for reading,
Faulty - i assisted you then you wanted me to constantly rely messages to a player ingame.  I directed you to messaging players via Discord, and forums if you needed to talk to them.  I'm not on discord often, other than to verify the discord price list.

Kind Regards,


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