I'ts been a fun ride!
Hello guys, lilnop here.It's been a while Big Grin. I have been very inactive due to a couple of reasons(those who are close to me
knows). It's not easy playing grinder while being in Africa but even so I have been trying to max 7.7b skills even though things
weren't like they used to be. I started becoming very inactive when my mom passed away on 25th august of this year.
I was losing interest in the game anyways so it happening really took the little fun I have in the game away for good.
I wanted to make this post after i have maxed all skills to 200m but seems it's not gonna happen now or sometime very soon so i will post my progress so far. Internet is darn expensive over here so I'd rather not be siting my ass at a game I gain nothing from all day,dedicating
over 12 hours of time to it.
I did most of my skills without donor status which really wasted my time cos i did it without pool/donator benefits and none or rarely used brawling gloves..Most skills took me within two weeks or less.Hold tight for the journey ahead!

Below is my stats and skill points,the only brawling gloves i have about are prayer and fire making brawlers(about 40 or so) that's why i have a lot of sp because i rarely used them.
[Image: 1.png][Image: 3.png]

Even though i started 2 weeks after server for p0wned(when grinderscape lost its data,because it's such a pain to start over when you have maxed out all 350mxp skills,obtained tons of pets and rare items,had corp beast pet etc),but we all got over it and I managed to get a good pace. I will list the skills and how i managed to max each of them.

Fishing=This was my first 200m.Took like 4-5 days with this one.No pool used(except those 200kxp you get on login). Wasted sleepless nights on this one.Ended up having around 30k+ raw manta rays if I remember right. In the middle of that,Pb decided to make fishing more harder than it was(bcos too much fish were pouring in the economy) by slowing fishing rate and xp i think which was really a pain.After i finished I got 2nd on highscores. I have sold a lot of them but this is what i got in my bank now.
[Image: fishing.png]

Agility-I don't really remember but i think my second 200m skill was agility,took me like a week also for this. Gnome agility course was for xp whilst barbarian was more about the tickets. I ended up doing the barbarian one lol. I ended up having 14k+ tickets.Since the agility shop is pretty much useless with junk i never bothered buying anything.Bear head was like 1.5k tickets then. Just when i bought 2 in case the price would fetch quite a hefty sum,pb reduced it largely about a week later.Again,I did this with no brawling gloves/donator pools.Ended up on 3rd on high scores with this one.
[Image: agi.png]

Herblore- This was one of the slowest even though easiest skill.Because it's a money skill u can end up buying your way to 200m
easily. My fingers went numb after these one.Ended up cleaning tons of herbs numbering 100k+. I used 2 time donor pools for
this(i got donor status for 2 days from voting). Ended up at number 1 spot fetching me my first number 1 overall in skills.Had like 90k of each torstol and lantadyme to clean.
[Image: herb.png]

Thieving-Probably one of the easiest skill and a good one at that to hunt for skill points.i Have done this skill about 5 times on my alt.During this time it occurred to me i could multi login and play but my computer cant handle 2 clients for long(also the reason i rarely boss/pk). After 200m i kept resetting it. I did thieving with no brawling gloves or donor pool and it took around 3 days.This was what i ended up having. You won't have this many onyxes or statuettes if you use a brawling glove or pool because it tends to go much faster.Ended up on 8th on my main and 13th on my alt.
[Image: thieve.png]

[Image: 2.png]

By this stage(still grinderscape),staff started watching me because they thought I was botting or something due to the pace which I was going. Ron(soccerlove) started teleporting to me random times to check if i was afk skilling or anything.As far as I know everything was legit so i wasn't too much bothered about it. He seems like a nice guy(not the rumours I hear from those who get banned by him). So I told him he should do something about introducing donor tickets into the game since all of us are not fortunate to even get 5$ to donate and enjoy the game fully with it benefits.
[Image: soccer.png]

On a sidenote,If you bot on this game,you would be caught.

Weird guy with mod symbol,staff said they didn't know who that was lol.

[Image: fff.png]

my photos upload

Woodcutting and Firemaking=i only did wcing when i have 2 days of donor reward from voting because its a pain to cut wood at camelot. This took me a while until I bought one month 5$(4.99)donor(given to me by a good samaritan). I then went to old d spot and got 200m wcing and fm there.I Didnt use a single wci brawlers and used fm brawlers instead because i had inferno adze.It took me like a week and 3 days but it was worth it because I was also training my firemaking even though it took longer. Ended up on 5th on highscores for woodcuting and number 1 for firemaking making my second number 1 spot in skills.Again,staff keep teleporting to me to see if i was botting.At this point it was really irritating.You will be playing and you will end up being on a different spot with the message "you have been teleported to soccerlove".

Cooking-I did this on and off whenever i had donor so no estimated time on this. I ended up wasting most food because i tried cooking what i had from fishing without buying any but found out that even if u get 200m fishing xp 3 times the food wont be enough for 200m cooking,had to wait till i have 2 days donor to do it.Later,chef hats and aprons were introduced but i had already used most of my fish up so i bought kwarams and that made the skill go very fast.3rd spot on cooking skill in highscores after this.

Farming-Did this without any donor.Took me like a week.Since no pool benefits,i had to use x3 seeds(around 10k of torstols and 10k of lantas) and waste extra time on it.
I did it on non donor patch so you can imagine the hustle of running to caherby bank back and forth.Ended up on 2nd spot after 200m.
I think server split after this making the experience less enjoyable but the updates following was awesome.

Mining and Smithing-Since smithing is faster than mining,i ended up having smithing 3 days apart before getting 170m mining xp.I
was making cannonballs a lot so u could tell the struggle was real.At 170m mining xp my mining got reset by saim for using an
autoclicker.After i got 200m herblore my finger was pretty much numb so ended up using an autoclicker and autotyper for like 30

minutes and ended up paying dearly for it.Since auto typer is pretty much legal i was told that using it for botting it is not( which i knew but probably took my chances anyways). I told a friend about it and he snitched it to saim,the next thing i knew i got jailed by him and he said he will halve my mining xp and take away my adze.I pleaded with him and told him he can either do one but he cant do both.Well he ended up doing worse by resetting my mining xp and taking away my adze(I think it was because i ended up ccalling him staff hunter back in the days,I'm not used to calling names but his staff hunting was so bad u could smell it from a mile away). Hopefully i talked it over with tyler and he ended up giving my the adze saying he couldn't do anything about the xp and i should take it as a warning because it wont be pretty next time.Started losing interest after this so i took another week into getting back my orginal spot which is 2nd and ended up
getting 200m mining and ended up on 1st spot for smithing making me the highest number 1 spot in skills.Made over 300k c balls.
[Image: cball.png]

Crafting and fletching-Did this with lots of pool,i had donor from here on so things were much easy.Ended up with second spot onhighscores..Donator status was introduced pretty much late in game.

fletching-Pooled mostly with this one too.
[Image: fletch.png]

img free

Combat skills and runecrafting-If u noticed all of this skill are at the left hand side of the experience tab.They are very easy to train so i intentionally left them so that i could train them while doing slayer,except runecrafting of course which has been a pain in the butt so far.

I also have been top voter for a while,i think i have done my fair bit for this server.

This is pretty much it,I wont be quitting because i have this inner clock which bugs me like "lilnop u got unfinished business to

do" but i wont be on like i used to.Once i get enough internet i might be playing casually from time to time.

Without these people,my experience here wouldnt be as good.Thanks to them

tltramay4,Smee,k a w a i,mike,emil,shirokurai,mike,grandt,jaiz,zachery,sleeman,grinderpoint,pker4pk,keymoe,nikols287,one skiller,tabor,matt m8,regunov,rangerleusin,jeroenhx,sotrmzy,adax,pker 4 pk,lego69,soccerlove,pb.
Thank u all,peace!
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Sorry to hear about your mum. You were great competition when racing to 4.4b and who knows you might still beat me yet Tongue You've got a good 'journal' of stuff there, i wish i kept track of stuff like this.

Hope to see you in game again, sorry i missed you when you were online, i was on a call at work.
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Sorry to hear about your mom, I lost my mom when I was 18 so I know what your going through. Maybe you'll find interest again and beat jaiz to 4.4 if you do let me know I got you on super donor for a few months if needed. Still need to buy that purple ele from you Smile so you gotta finish that 8k sp haha. Gl with everything.

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