**2017 Etherum Christmas Event**
Hello everyone! in this guide i will show you how to complete the Christmas Event!
First you will need to teleport to the yeti area, to get to this area enter the Christmas Cupboard located next to Edgeville bank
[Image: b31aYK1.png]
Going through this cupboard with bring you to the area with the yeti's
[Image: 13Z5btu.png]
Killing these yeti's will grant you Christmas points and will also spawn a snowman piece where you killed it. pick up snow from the snow piles and use it on the snowman to build it into an actual snowman. Once this is complete a walking snowman will spawn and you will gain Christmas points. If multiple people are working on same snowman you need at least 15% to get any Christmas points. There is also a 1% chance to receive a snowman pet. And a 1% chance to receive a yeti pet from killing the yeti's.

[Image: eFEDRjT.png]
[Image: LSvtXG7.png]
Once you build your snowman you can continue to kill yetis/build snowmen for christmas points or proceed to next cupboard to move on with event. The next cupboard is located north east of these yeti's
[Image: i2Gy73a.png]
Going through this cupboard will bring you to the ice island. On this island there are more yetis and a cave. enter this cave to continue with event.
[Image: lCxE6hW.png]
At the end of the cave there is a rift to enter to get to the Yeti Boss
[Image: AjGIdq7.png]
[Image: KIglOFR.png]
This boss has 3k hitpoints and you will gain christmas points per kill. (this area is multi)
There is a 1% chance to recive Yeti pet 

Below is a list of the amounts of christmas points you can obtain-
  • start building a snowman- 5 points
  • finish building a snowman- 25 points
  • kill yeti boss- 50 points 
  • reward a gift to a child- 150 points
  • reward a gift to all 11 children- 500 points
  • kill a yeti- 15 points
After killing the yeti boss you can walk south east to meet Santa
[Image: FuiUe2I.png]
[Image: b3sUMtB.png]
If you talk to Santa he will give a a guide on the Christmas event. He will also give you a list of children that need gifts delivered to them. Once you speak with him he will say that they are delayed with the gifts and need your help!
[Image: wGPiTfr.png]
[Image: KKMi7ja.png]
[Image: keGsOm9.png]
You can pick up the presents one at a time at the far end of the room, these are the present you must deliver to the children.
[Image: K049JPw.png]
Also santa will sell you snowman hats if you are lucky enough to get a snowman pet to use them on
[Image: i8mGlMT.png]
[Image: ihWcUC3.png]
[Image: kcTfpu2.png]
[Image: zCM58zB.png][Image: dGSjUxQ.png]
[Image: zCM58zB.png]
[Image: KeAiHrM.png]
here are all the locations of the children

[Image: suZQ2WQ.png]
[Image: 0PQ1BDR.png]
[Image: 3eI2ZWy.png]
[Image: C2uSUdl.png]
[Image: FheOd8R.png]
[Image: wnhPKWT.png]
[Image: fI9L2LX.png]
[Image: YenuhLT.png]
[Image: 7lXJOz6.png]
[Image: eXYON9C.png]
[Image: Wianoaz.png]
Hope this guide helps you with the Christmas Event!

[Image: nikolas_main_one.png]

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how manmy day event
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nice event !!!!!!!!!! greatjob guys
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This guide and photos of the Child you need to talk to is pretty hard to follow (The up stairs ones) and also if there are players who don't play reg RS, they won't know the location, maybe edit in directions, although very nice.
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