Unable to insert images
Hey everyone ,

Maybe I'm doing it wrong but every time i insert an image and input the URL, it ends up looking like this: [Image: 0ZPY9C8]

Anyone have any insight or can help me fix this issue?

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use other upload program
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(01-08-2018, 03:39 PM)Psychodual Wrote: use other upload program

Which is?
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upload your image to imgur or another image hosting site , then copy the image address, press the button that says 'insert link' above the post area , shown here >> And it will appear like this
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Copy the .png or .jpg link in stead of the link that is provided by some tools
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Use snipping tool to capture > go to imgur > ctrl + v then copy the link and paste it here.
Thanks! I figured it out, Closed, please?
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