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Venom on Etherum poll
Hello, with the new OSRS updates coming up and nearing completion I'm still wondering whether venom should be implemented into the game; As I'm going to be adding Zulrah in the update after this one.

For those that do not already know what venom is. The concept itself is almost identical to poison. It has a dark green hitsplash. Zulrah is the only boss which can infect a player, however players can venom other players in PvP. There are only a few weapons which can be used to envenom a player. These weapons are:
  • Trident of the swamp
  • Toxic staff of the dead
  • Toxic blowpipe
Futhermore a player weilding a Serpentine helm will be immune to the effects of venom, poison and also have a chance of envenoming players and NPCS.

Read more on Venom here

Because of the nature of the above weaponry and Zulrah I'm posting this poll because alot of those contents would be deemed useless without it; The venom could just be replaced with poison effect but i feel it would be a little half assed. So I'm putting it to the players let me know your opinions!!
All of my yes. I mean, it is a nuisance, sure, but it is a feature that is supposed to be there, so yes.
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If it does not end up by being implemented, at least just take it out of PvP, but keep it in PvM Smile!
Keep it out of Pvp

(01-11-2018, 08:15 AM)squxx Wrote: It has a dark green hitsplash and can stack with poison meaning a player can be poisoned aswell as venomed at the same time.

I voted yes. However, this part isn't true, venom and poison cannot stack.
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Don't let poison and venom stack in pvp and you got my yes!
Good to hear you are working on those bosses Squxx!
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I think that venom will be good for pvm but i dont think it is a great idea to implement it in pvp becasue of allot of pkers are here because of the pre eoc style of pking.
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venom should cap at 6 in pvp
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Add venom yes with proper effects, and ofcourse pvp. These items are in high demand for pkers.

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