How to create a recover account thread
Hello guys, with these screenshots I'll show how to create a recover account thread.

And then when you are relating to recover your account, say anything we can know it's really the owner of it (things like old passwords, email, etc).

[Image: 5Yz7v5V.png]

[Image: eNbbxxC.png]
[Image: BSmVnCa][Image: BSmVnCa.png]
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I think you should include the part where you have to click 'show spoiler' on Tyler's post and that they have to copy and paste that. Other then that a nice guide for those unaware how to recover.
[Image: tE95ycU.png]
[Image: YTOqpaU.png]

~Sigs made by Valar~
This is a good start for a great guide.
I would recommend that you go more in-depth with the recovery process. Such as, what are the requirements to recover an account. Also, walk them through each line within the recovery thread. All recoveries require an account recovery thread, you could reiterate that as well.
Thanks for sharing, and keep up the great work!
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Thanks for doing a guide Taz! It's great to see other players making guides to help out other players. I was going to give some input on how to improve this guide but Sir Wizard, and Jaiz beat me to it. Other than that, I hope you plan to do more guides!

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