What has happened to GrinderScape
Hello Players,

Many of you have asked what was going on when we have changed our name to Etherum and I have said that me and Lou we have ended our partnership, well now that we have forums available.

I can get into more details than I could a few days ago, so be prepared for a big reading!

To understand everything, you need to know how me and Lou we became partners.
In a forum where he recently have released my codes, I have explained it all, after he told an one sided story, and that made reasonable people understand the things from a different perspective than Lou is trying to get people to see. https://i.imgur.com/4Lja3Eg.png - https://i.imgur.com/vkhFFqc.png

As I have said in that thread, all stories have two sides, and this is my side:

This is the message that I wrote to Lou after he asked why I have opened Etherum:
[Image: ZxwpAVF.png]
This is what he sent me 2 days before that: 

[Image: kxxHbSm.png]

Me and Lou we were partners and suddenly he decided that he wanted to kick me out, asked me to give all game files to him and even teach him how to run the server, because he didn't know.

And frankly a 5+ years partnership can't be simply ended as 'Give me everything, I don't want you anymore, leave and don't bother me, oh yeh also teach me how to do your work.'.

Even less when you give most of your time and passion to it while your partner just comes online barely 2 hours a day and at the end of the month suck player's money to spend on Dubai's luxury ( [Image: k4NSoCL.png] ) rather than invest a lot on the game. 

A quite few times Lou has decided to quit GrinderScape and hand me the ownership, all those times I convinced him to be calm and stay at GrinderScape, he told me that I would make 2x more and I told him that we should run GS till the end together, so if it was for greedy or I wanted to 'backstab' him as he says, I would have done this long ago rather than wait for him to kick me, what I really think is that what he has done was unfair, and my options were only: give 7 years of my life to someone who just abused of it, and go tell my wife that this month we would not be able to pay our bills or use what I had worked on to keep living and providing food on the table.

When you divorce your wife you don't go tell her to get the fuck of the house with nothing, the world is simply not like that (maybe it's in Dubai), same for a partnership, both parties have their properties share and should split-up with part of their property, so the same way Lou has keept all the payments, website, domain, the client that he payed back then in 2011 and latest server codes, which both were released by him by the way, I have kept my client, which was 100% only coded by me during these last 7 years.

So given the fact that he simply tried to dump me away like garbage without care about anything but himself and how he would be able to suck much more money from the game without paying me and still using the work that I have developed for the last 7 years, I have decided to use my OWN codes and host on MY OWN host and website.

But I was never happy how things ended between me and Lou, my plan was to host the game and keep paying him pretty much the same that he has been paying me without require any involvement on his part, for ever or until he settled down, which is very different from 'give me everything, get away and leave me alone' that he offered me.

So Tyler had asked me if I was planning some deal with Lou once I launched Etherum, and I've answered him [Image: IdQtAbv.png]
however at the next day before I even had the chance to discuss with him, Lou had refunded my latest salaries, threatened all of our Staff team 
[Image: tCCczYd.png]
, banned a bounch of players, and threatened to kill me [Image: r4x3AHU.png] 
[Image: a0FUjyB.png]

So after all that I don't think that I can have any involvlment with such a bad character and instable person.

So I wrote the huge letter that I had linked above to him, and I started planning to let him use my client on his own server, all I wanted was for him to move on with his life and leave me hosting mine, but once again before I even had the chance to discuss this idea with him, he started threatening to kill me and leak the codes that I had worked on for 7 years, which was what he did. 

[Image: wrAkkJZ.png]

So after all that I have decided that I no longer want to have any kind of contact with such dictactor, selfish and immoral person.

Lou was claiming that he wanted to kick me off because I was inactive, and I really was inactive in August, even tho I have never been as much inactive as him...

And that was the reason of my inactivity: Lou simply has decided that I wouldn't receive any payment for July's work.
[Image: 50va79C.png]
I didn't knew that Lou was strategically planning to do not pay me, I've been show this picture two days ago so... You can imagine how frustrated you can be for working your ass off and don't get any for it while your partner who barely comes online keept everything for himself.

[Image: ILgr8nj.png]

Also if you ever see the irony of Lou criticizing my work, I'll quote here this message: https://i.imgur.com/yOeEA6m.png so you get to know more about how Lou was useful to keep the server online.

Quote:"Yes, I couldn't imagine a better team to have by my side, staff is always there everyday, Byron always has helped the best he could on researches making huge documents, and now he can apply everything himself and he is really autodidtact so will learn fast the things.

Jordy is just perfect, I remember when we had problems and I would freak out trying to solve everything on my own while Lou was out and would just say "update me about it if something hanges"... and I was like... yeh sure let me handle it all by myself.

[Image: JeDHRxs.png]
[Image: zmm5WSv.png]
[Image: n3dXf2S.png]
[Image: 63wtASw.png]
[Image: 5P5atPx.png]

I always told Lou to value those who are by his side, but he threat everyone like a money machine, that he can dump when has done what he wanted.

He never valued Ron, tried to dump him because of 100$ 
[Image: CmV8qV1.png]
[Image: T1WppG6.png]

[Image: R7lwThu.png]
And I have got 'used' to be Lou's fool as well...

After Jordy finished the website he dumped him too and took Sandeep back to fuck up Jordy's work...

[Image: eDTWb8o.png]

Ron has quit once because of him as well...

That's why I told him that he would never ever every find someone who can stand him for over 7 years."

[Image: QyZHdsC.png][Image: r0zZTFX.png]

You guys have noticed that these last few days the website has been very unstable, this is because Lou is using your money to DDoS your game and get us down, so the fact that he is using the player's money to take players off the game, is quite a big irony, all that being just sadism behavior as he knows that will not bring any permanent consequence, he is just trying to punish us all, so given the recent facts that Lou is trying the best he can to take Etherum down rather than simply move on with his life, I announce that I will no longer work on recovery points system, however if you have donated to GrinderScape in the last 150 days, you can contact Tyler at discord to figure out how you can convert those donations into a fraction of Premium Points at Etherum!

Regarding the game updates...

I'd like to say that as Owner my perspective has changed a lot, I'm a person who likes challenging things, and I have ended up making everything much more challenging, while as matter of fact I'm very different from majority who doesn't like things way too hard, so I'm planning to change this way of thinking and make the game less difficult, the previous updates have achieve that already, but there are more to come.

Back then on GrinderScape, Lou didn't want me to take another developer, I had to work all by myself and bring high quality content, while still dealing with Advertisement, Staff assisting, Players assisting, Bug Fixing, DDoS protecting and much more, so obviously I couldn't bring many cool content so quickly, but now I'm getting as much help as I can to provide you guys more enjoy-able content fast! Byron is practicing and he may be delivering some updates soon, I have some else who is now going to start a test to see if he will be able to work on it.

However it's such a pitty that right now we are having to focus on protecting from Lou's attack rather than bring you guys fun updates, recently I have been reworking on the loader so everyone should be able to get in the game, even during DDoS times...

So if you want to help to stop all these attacks against our game, please talk to Tyler about how you can help us and still gain Premium Points!
[img] https://i.imgur.com/KBZYyci.png[/img]
I would like to state how hard it was for PB to actually post this when it has considerable real-life information regarding what he's sacrificed and dealt with, and we all know PB has never liked to talk about his real-life as privacy is always important. But, due to Lou ddosing us and continuing to send players a one-sided story, this was needed and I'm glad it was finally posted.

For those who have donated within the last 150 days from today (9/17/2017) towards Grinderscape, you can message me on the forums or discord and I'll explain how you can be compensated!
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I don't like to take any sides, even more so when one side can't fight back. But in the last 5 years I've been here I've noticed something, and that something is the difference in ethics between PB and Lou.

I remember way back in the glory days of my tenure as a Moderator and I was messing around with an Ex-Staff member named "Eilmere" many of you guys will remember him. It was around 11pm my time, which was 1am PB's time when our conversation ended and he told me he was going to bed. 2am rolls around and the server decided to shit the bed (we had a host failure), I messaged PB/Jordy at first a few times (a lot) over the next hour and then figured I might as well try to send Lou a Skype message. PB woke up in the middle of the night, came online, waved his magic wand and the game was back up. Jordy responded a few hours later when he woke up and asked if everything was okay, he checked some things and he left for school..... Lou on the other hand didn't respond for almost a week to a PM from me saying his game was offline and I needed him to help. His response AFTER A WEEK was "still need help?" that's it. PB has an enormous love for the game and the community. I hope he's okay with me sharing this, if not, ops. But when I came back once we changed to Etherum, I sent PB and Skype message and asked how the game was, this is our conversation.

https://prnt.sc/gmek9l https://prnt.sc/gmekan https://prnt.sc/gmekcf https://prnt.sc/gmekds https://prnt.sc/gmekgs https://prnt.sc/gmekiw

PB has been playing with us, he's excited about new updates that are coming, and he's excited for the future of the game. He listens to us, when we spoke about the yearlong reduced membership, less than a week later it came out. I believe he cares about not just making a game that he wants, but making a game we want. I'm happy we have you and not Lou.

This was a good read, and I'm glad you're okay with sharing this.

Thanks PB
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Pb -

This post was much needed.  Lou was posting only one side of the whole situation, and making you look like the bad guy.  I still cannot believe he using player donations from grinderscape to sabotage this server.. shows his character.  

I will always support the server as you Dev!  You actually care about the game.

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All I know is, i'm still waiting on my recovery points Wink
But it's nice to actually see what the issuue really was, and PB did the right thing imo.
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I didin`t knew that you pb had to deal with all that , after reading this , big respect to you mate , really , big respect .
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After reading all this, i have more respect for @pb600. Seriously mate, everyone who has been a part of the server has seen people come and go, its all happened and the person who had the "right" to leave and go about his normal life, kept it together, im talking about you pb. You've grown the server, not to the extent to what "lou" wanted... But hes a businessman, he only thinks for money, the immaterial. Hes a materialistic person. You havent thought about what to buy for yourself, you looked out for your family as would anyone.

So once again, thank you for all your hardwork and hopefully this server can be a success.

P.S Question? What is going to happen to the "recovery points" i have 1k+(shit money i spent before the server rest).
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I'm more concerned with the feeling of being scammed than I am with your guy's feud. It's a very heartfelt and touching post, but I want to be realistic - why should we be happy with a mere fraction of a refund? Surely you don't want the players to feel how you currently do?
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Lou seems like an edgy rich kid, that being said I will never understand why you stuck with Grinderscape if he was fucking you over, It would have been easy enough to amass evidence of Lou's fuckery and release it to the public before fucking off to work for someone that wasn't as much of a scumbag.
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Even though i've been a member of this community for a very short time, reading this it's clear you've done the right thing. I believe Etherum can only get better from this point on and to involve other developers is obviously a great thing aswell.
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