Game Update - 03-10-2018
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The mage attack max distance was increased from 10 to 13 to match OSRS.
Now when switching from long range weapons, you will no longer move to the current target, you will stay still instead, like happens on OSRS.

Duel Arena

A bug that allowed eil...uhhh some players to scamn others by relogging during duel was fixed. (After relogging the other player would not be able to attack you in case your PID has changed)

Clan Area

Now a clan area is available thro the command ::clan.
The command will teleport you to an instanced clan zone where you can only see your clan members.
That way clans will have a private spot for discussing strategies and stuff.

[Image: eWmjeCi.gif]

Clan Future update plans

The plans to revamp Clans scene in the game, the idea is to make more rewarding|interesting to create a clan and participate of clan events.

The clan updates will be released in small baths, so we will be slowly incrementing the game with the features bellow so we don't stay too long without updates.

1: Purple Portal (Main Priority)
Creating the purple portal is our main priority.

2: Clan Management
- Ranks creation: Owners can create up to 15 custom ranks, with custom names and icons.
- Privileges: Owners can attribute privileges to the custom ranks.

(Just a sketch to describe better the idea)
[Image: xIAWIcY.png]

3: Social
- Privileged players can create 'messages' on the board, everyone can reply.

4: Clan City
- The clan will have its own instanced area, where all members can meet.
- The city would have training area, and a castle where players can enter to access shops and scoreboards.
[Image: I8NGy0I.png]
[Image: uLEYHXg.png]

5: Point System
- The clan would have its own point, which is earned upon multi-kills, skilling, clan bossing, clan hunter.
- The players would have clan participation points, which is an individual point based on their participation in the clan advancement.

6: Reward System
- The clan points can be spent by the owner to purchase perks that will affect the members currently online.
- The clan points can be spent by the owner, and clan participation points by all the players.
Some example of possible features:

Clan Points
- 5% faster regeneration.
- 5% extra max life.
- 5% extra defense.
- 20% donation store discounts.
- Clan items store upgrades (Items unlocking)
- Clan bosses entrance unlocking. (Unique bosses & drops available for clans only)

Clan participation points
- Purchase unlocked clan store items.

7: Main & Pure clan tournament

- There would be a distinction of main and pure clans based on members defense level. 
(A maximum defense level should be set to be considered a pure member) - Non pure members kills will not count to advance on the tournament.

8: Best clans highlighted on the login welcome screen

- In order to make everything more attractive, the best clans will be highlighted on the welcome screen.

9: Clan highscores
- The clan highscores section would have diverse categories:
-- Skilling
-- PvP
-- PvM
-- Clan Points
-- Slayer

What are you waiting for? Don't take too long to build up your clan so you will be ready for when those updates arrive!
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Awesome Update
that allowed me ahaha? Kndie scammed me first doing it Sad(
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Yoo, this is actually fucking lit. Shot PB!
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Dope look's super cool
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Great update Smile
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This is a great update for clans.
Thanks, looking forward for more to come!
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looks good

great clan update Tongue
keep it up
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