Etherum - Revamp
Hello guys,

GrinderScape is now officially Etherum!

After a long road online as GrinderScape it is time for a drastic change! With more developers new direction and much more content and frequent updates!

In order to relieve the server it's necessary to change a few aspects that were not working out properly.

We've been for way too long as GrinderScape and everybody has already tried it and formed an oppinion about it, a new identity will help to bring those
back to try out our game once again!

To start off we will get more developers to speed-up the updates and bring you guys all the updates that we have promissed quicker.

A PK world is going to be launched as Economy World 1 doesn't provide a friendly start-up for PvP content.

We are going to finally work properly on the Advertisement to show off our game! You guys can help us a lot by voting everyday, a new name on the
top lists will certainly bring some extra attention!

Many content is planned, check them out:

[Image: REmWfK9.png]


- The forums and wiki pages will be available once we finish working on it!
- Your account data remains intact, nothing was changed on players accounts.

Ensure that you have the latest loader! Download it from here

Etherum Staff
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