Dutch Clan Chat! Dutch Glory
Hello Everyone!

We recently created a new clan chat for Dutch people only!

The main reason why you should join the CC:
  • Friendly staff
  • Only Dutch people 
  • Events
  • Discord
  • Fast reply if you need help
If you have any questions, pm Dwarfplant or Bloteborst ingame!

May the gods be with you!

~ Dwarfplant
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The following 1 user says Thank You to DwarfPlant for this post:
  â€¢ Bloteborst
Seems like a party!! xd
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Beste Mensen,

Vanaf nu kan je hier applien voor staff! 
Wat willen we weten?

Rank waarvoor je wil applien
Donator of niet
Aantal playtime NA de reset
Ervaring in het spel

Staff die we zoeken: 
1 Recruiter
1 Event Manager

Een verzorgde application helpt altijd!

~ Dwarfplant
Rank waarvoor je wil applien: Recruiter
IGN: Dupon
Donator of niet: Super Donator
Aantal playtime NA de reset: Sinds +/- 26 augustus
Ervaring in het spel: RS gespeeld van 2005 tot 2013, maxed account gehad vóór devination, +/- 5jaar member geweest. Verschillende RSPS gespeeld.

Heart Heart
Goodluck with clan buddy Smile
[Image: ulG06F2.png]

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Best of luck with the clan, hopefully it has as much success as our old Dutch clans did on the server!
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gl with the clan!
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rascist party
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Succes met de clan Smile

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